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This center established in 2011 aims to give faculty, associates and post graduate business administration students, exposure to academic research, collaborative projects, consultancy, conferences, publications, case study development, case analysis, professional development, training and exposure to the hospitality sector. The center is committed to enabling Sustainable Development in the area of tourism. We aim to contribute to a more comprehensive understanding of the complexities of tourism and sustainability through our industry linkages, partnerships and publications.


The following programmes and activities were conducted by the Centre:


Case study development:

The case Five star hotels: Are you losing good people has been registered and published at ECCH, UK.
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Organizational study:

A MBA student Ms.Mahima Sosa Mathew has undergone a training study at Holiday Inn Cochin under the guide ship of Prof. Ajith Thomas and Industry guide Mr. Eason Varghese, GM HRD, holiday Inn Cochin for a month in November 2011.



Half day discussions were organized by the Centre in collaboration with Dr. Sunil Mani, CDS, Trivandrum on 12th Jan 2012, on the ‘Implications of highly skilled migration’ for select MBA students.


Centre – community interaction:

The centre has taken initiative to join the world community grid for supporting the world community at large.
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In-situ investigations:

The Centre has arranged a guided boat trip of 14 students in July 2011 to Kumarakom and Muhama. The main aim was to acclimatize the students to Kumarakom area, people, cultivation, Water hyacinth menace, fishing and stakeholders of tourism. A visit was organized to the Agricultural University Centre, Kumarakom, Houseboat Owner’s Association office, Homestay owner’s association office and the Panchayat office.


Case analysis:

The story of CGH – A case analysis on sustainability was done, after visiting Coconut Lagoon in Kumarakom by a team of five MBA students.



A manuscript of 90 pages has been published with the title ‘An introduction to Tourism at Vembanad wetlands in God’s own country – Kerala’. Mentoring: Three post graduate MBA students interested in the hospitality and tourism sector are being mentored by the center with a view to guide them in placements in international tourism and hospitality companies.



• A study on antiskid tapes for use in hotel stairways.
• A study on steam generators for use in Ayurveda facility.
• A comparative study of business generated by star hotels for the period from 2006 to 2010 based on taxes remitted.


Centre Industry interaction:

o Atree, Aleppey
o Trident Cochin 
o Holiday Inn Cochin 
o CGH Coconut Lagoon 
o The Grand Khajaraho
o Philipose architects, New Delhi 
o Krishnendu Ayurveda, Chingoli, Karthikappally.
o Zuri Resort, Kumarakom
o Royal star house boat, 
o Karippuram house boat, Kumarakom.
o Coconut creek Homestay, Kumarakom.
o Stakeholders of Vembanad, Niranam.
o Atreya Ayurveda, Pallom, Kottayam.
o Coconut lagoon resort, Kumarakom.
o Lakes and lagoons, Nedumudy, Alleppey.
o Green Garden Homestay, Kumarakom.
o Kumarakom Panchayat and other stake holders
o Synthite, Kolencherry.


MDP on Business and Social protocol for Managers


Venue : The Yuvarani Residency, Cochin

MDPs conducted by Associate Professor Ajith Thomas on 28th june 2012, 11th and 27th june 2013

An MDP was conducted by the Center with the objectives of introducing the participants to the fundamental principles of business and social etiquette and to help the participants acquire the knowledge to carry themselves in business and social functions. ‘It helped me to make myself aware of the international contemporary practices’, says Mr. Geo a participant from a corporate in Cochin. Ms. Kavitha another participant adds that it can help any participant to cultivate a confident approach to business and social interactions through experiential learning.  



MDP session in progress.


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