Established in 2011, this is a research wing of Saintgits Institute of Management. The main functions are research, consultancy and training in the field of banking and finance.

Ongoing Researches:

  • A study on Mergers and Acquisitions by Dr Roji George and Ms Jinomol P
  • Investor protection through financial literacy – the emerging role of financial advisers by Prof K Subramoniam 


The Saintgits Institute of Management has established the Centre for Applied Finance (SCAF) with the objective of attracting the best students and provide a comprehensive platform based real-time learning experience. The Centre was established with the mission of offering research and consultancy in the Financial Services and Commodity markets space.


Saintgits Institute of Management – Centre for Data Analytics offers a Post Graduate Diploma in Data Analytics programme that aims to help shape the emerging profession of business analytics by delivering a cutting edge interdisciplinary educational experience to graduate students with an ambition of building a career in this field. The core objective of this programme is to develop the statistical and analytical skills in students so as to enable them to analyze big and multidimensional complex data in the most efficient and effective manner and to build predictive business models for developing business strategies.


DATA is becoming the primary corporate resource and data-based decision making is the key to success in any walk of life. Data especially Big data is a collection of large volumes of data archived across all stake holders of an organization over a number of years and made available for analysis. The need for scientific analysis of data arises from the fact that it has the potential to predict and provide the hidden, unseen, unknown information which has the capability to transform an organization in the market. The challenges in analysis includes understanding, cleaning, searching, visualization, modelling, prediction, etc.


The curriculum of this certification programme on Data Analytics is meticulously designed to help students to learn and understand the data analytics methodologies and analytical skills to handle big data by understanding, cleaning, structuring, building predictive modelling and finally providing an optimal solution to a strategic business issue of an organization.