AI-Based Project of CSE Students Won Reboot Kerala Hackathon 2020
Electric All-Terrain Vehicle Built by Team EEE, Saintgits – The first-ever Electric All-Terrain Vehicle from Kerala to qualify for track racing in Terrain Vehicle Motor Sports
Team Saintgits Built Kerala’s First Concrete Canoe
120 Students of Saintgits College of Engineering and 22 Students of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences placed in Infosys
Congratulations Saintgits Kabaddi Women’s Team – KTU  Kabaddi Champions
Congratulations Saintgits Chess Women’s Team – KTU C Zone Intercollegiate Chess Tournament Champions
Saintgits wins the prestigious IDA – STEM Award for Community Development.
Ms. Angel Baby and Ms. Gayathri R. from final year BCA of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences bagged the first placement offers in the new campus recruitment season. Both of them placed as Associate Analyst in Deloitte.


Saintgits Institute of Management is a research-focused business school which endeavours to nurture research. The institute has recognized research as its thrust area and is working together to make it as a known research center. The institute provides its faculty all infrastructure facilities and amenities to accomplish research which includes online databases, individual laptops, high-speed internet connectivity, full sponsorship to attend training programmers and conferences etc.

The faculty regularly publish articles in refereed journals and present papers in conferences. 


Publications by Faculty Members
Sl. NoAuthorArticle titleJournalAcademic Year
1Jinomol P & Roji GeorgeThe Acquisition Motives of Indian Companies:An Analysis Based on Industry and AgeSCMS Journal of Indian Management 19-20
2Latha KA study on how the concept of green economy utilized in Nava Keralam project by Kerala GovernmentJournal of the Gujarat Research Society19-20
3Latha KA study to analyse green marketing concept in automobile industryJournal of the Gujarat Research Society19-20
4Latha KConsumer attractiveness towards green products of FMCG sector with special referance to ITC Classmate NotebookJournal of the Gujarat Research Society19-20
5Vijay Victor & Jose Joy ThoppanPricing strategies in the era of digitalization and the perceived shift in consumer behavior of youth in PolandJournal of International Studies19-20
6Jose Joy Thoppan & Vijay VictorThe worrying Trend of Non Performing Loans in Higher EducationForum Scientiae Oeconomia19-20
7Shibulal ALA study on impact of consumer behaviour with internet marketing and website designInternational Journal of Management, IT & Engineering18-19
8Shibulal ALEvalutaion of service quality fro ditributor’s perspective in the Pharmaceutical supply chainJournal of Management Research and Analysis(JMRA)18-19
9Shibulal ALAstudy on service quality gap of KSRTC using servqual modelIRJMST18-19
10Nisa James& Roji GeorgeImpact of Environmental Uncertainty on Supply Chain Practices and Performance: A Conceptual ModelSustainable Supply and Value Chain Innovations – International Perspectives edited by Dr. J Deepa18-19
11Latha K & Roji GeorgeBusiness Development and Women Empowerment through Rural Women Worker Cooperatives.An Empirical study with Sepcial reference to dairy cooperatives in KeralaAcademy for Global Business Advancement ( AGBA )18-19
12Nisa James & Benit Mary JospehA Hybrid AHP and Taguchi Loss Function Method for Supplier SelectionJournal of Supply Chain Management System18-19
13Nisa James & Roji GeorgeExploring the Influence of Envrionmental Uncertainity and Supply Chain PracticesSCMS Journal of Indian Management18-19
14Jose Joy ThoppanFactors Influencing Cosumer Behaviour and Prospective purchase decisions in a Dynamic Pricing Environment- An Exploratory Factor Analysis ApproachSocial Sciences -MDPI18-19
15Subramonaim KManaging Workplace Conflict: Wisdom from the MahabharataIndian Management Perspectives and Models18-19
16Latha K & Roji GeorgeImpact of Dairy Cooperatives on the Women Empowerment of Rural Kerala: An Empirical study.IIM-K Journal of International Conferances18-19
17Elizabeth DominicA study on the role of organizational commitment and perception towards organizatioal justice and fairness in triggering orgaizatioal citizenship behaviour among B-School faculty memebers in KeralaRajagiri Management Journal18-19
18Ajith ThomasThe impact of visual merchandising, on impulse buying behaviour of retail customersInternational Journal for Research in Applied Science & Engineering Technology17-18
19Ajith ThomasSatisfiers & Dissatisfiers in online reviews: An analysis of a Luxury HotelInternational Journal of Advanced in Management, Technology and Engineering Sciences17-18
20Ajith ThomasPurchase decision of Luxary Hotel Rooms: A scale determinationAbstract of INDAM 2017, IIM Indore17-18
21Ajith Thomas & Cyriac JoseEnhanced keyword recommendations using mapreduce architechure in big data analytics: A study on online hotel aggregatorsAbstract of INDAM 2017, IIM Indore17-18
22Ajith Thomas & Cyriac JoseKeyword Suggestions:An analysis of the Big Data of Tripadvisor.comInternational Journal of Advanced in Management, Technology and Engineering Sciences17-18
23Alfia ThahaCorporate social responsibilty: Impact ofCSR and sustainable goals with special referance to FMCG sectorNehru School of Management Journal17-18
24Dibin KK & Alfia ThahaMutual Funds, Stocks and Banks: A study on the changing perspectives of InvestmentsInternational Journal of Scientific Progress and Research (IJSPR)17-18
25Elgin AlexanderThe impact of customer relationship management on customer loyalty management- An experiential evidence with special referance to the Banks in Erode District in IndiaInternational Journal of Scientific and Research Publications17-18
26Elgin AlexanderA study on the role of Family support towards Women Entrepreneurs with special referance to Kottayam DistrictNehru School of Management Journal17-18
27Jose Joy ThoppanCompetitive Models to Detect Stock ManipulationCommunications of IIMA17-18
28Latha KImpact of Dairy Coperation on the Women Empoerment of Rural KeralaNehru School of Management Journal17-18
29Latha KConsumer Behaviour and Consumption pattern on Branded Instant Noodles: Empricial evidence from consumers of Kerala Extendced AbstractBook of Abstracts 2017 IIM Indore- NASMEI Summer marketing conference17-18
30Nisa JamesFactors that affect women entrpreneurship: evidence from KeralaNehru School of Management Journal17-18
31Nisa JamesInfulence of Lean suppkly chain partices on competitive advantage and organisational performance of SMEsInternational Journal of Business Quantitative Economics and Applied Management Research17-18
32Nisa James & Roji GeorgeImpact of Environmental uncertainty and supply chain disruptions on supply chain practices and performance: A conceptual ModelSpectrum17-18
33Roji George & Sumina SusanKandupadikkam Japenese kudumba BusinesskalDhanam17-18
34Roji George & Sumina SusanRoleum goalum manasilakkan etha oru modalDhanam17-18
35Roji George & Sumina SusanKudumba Businessil Velluvilikal EaraeDhanam17-18
36Roji George & Sumina SusanRole venum kalahaghal vendaDhanam17-18
37Roji George & Sumina SusanArogyakaramaya Kudumba Business Eghneaayirikkanum?Dhanam17-18
38Roji George & Sumina SusanKudumba Businessil Kudumbaghaludea PankuDhanam17-18
39Roji George and P.PriyaTraining Characteristics and its dimenesions in BPO IndustryInternational Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS)17-18
40Shino AbrahamWomen Entreprenership in Rural India Opportunities & ChallengesNehru School of Management Journal17-18
41Shino Abraham & Sumina Susan KochittyThe growing importance of women in Indian Family BusinessProceedings of the National Conference on Family business opportunities challenges and issues17-18
42Subramonaim KAntecedents to Entrepreneurship-A Meta AnalysisJournal of Management & Entrepreneurship17-18
43Subramonaim KBasel III framework of Liquidity Standards-A case study on South India Bank Ltd.SDMIMD Journal of Management17-18
44Sumina Susan KochittyWomen Entreprenership in India Financial Opportunities & ChallengesNehru School of Management Journal17-18
45Titto VargheseIndian Nationalized Banks Performance Post Implementation of Information Technology: An Empricial AnalysisCU Global Management Review – A Bi-Annual International Journal17-18
46Titto VargheseA comparative analysis of South Indian Bank’s performance post implementation of information technology: An empricial analysisIITM Journal of Management and IT17-18
47Titto VargheseCR Reporting Practices:
Initiatives and Its Impacts
on Inclusive growth in India
Advances in Agri-Management,
general Management, Business Development
and Innovative Practices
48Titto Varghese & Alfia ThahaImpact of Merger on Acquiring Bank Performance : A case of Kotak Mahindra BankJournal of Commerce and Accounting Research17-18
49Vijay VictorDynamic Pricing and the Economic Paradigm Shift- A study based on Consumer Behaviour in the E-Commerce sectorInternational Journal of Scientific and Research Publications17-18
50Ajith ThomasAtree: A case of Social Entrepreneurship and Not-for-profit BrandingEmeraldIndia: Proceedings of Conference on Brand Management16-17
51Ajith ThomasService Delivery and Recovery Issues: The case of Oakwood ahaotels WorldwideJournal of Management & Entrepreneurship16-17
52Ajith ThomasSocial Entrepreneurship in the God’s Own Country-Small Business Big IdeasGlobal case studies in strategy, marketing, and entrepreneurship16-17
53Ajith Thomas, Shibulal AL, Cyriac JoseBrand Personality of Landing Pages: A case ResearchEmerald India: Proceedings of Conference on Brand Management16-17
54Alfia ThahaSBI and SBT MergingSambadhyum16-17
55Elgin AlexanderImpact of Mutual Fund attributes on returnsInternational Journal of Research16-17
56Roji GeorgeOrganisational Characteristics Prevalent In BPO IndustryInternational Journal of Innovative Research and Advanced Studies (IJIRAS)16-17
57Shibulal ALe-Waste: Issues and Challenges in KeralaTKM International Journal for Research in Management16-17
58Titto VargheseOpportunities and Challenges for India in Converging to IFRSPrachothan16-17
59Titto VargheseAnalysing the effectivines of financial inclusion drives in kottayam district with special reference to Women MNREGA BeneficiariesInternational journal of marketing and financial management16-17
60Titto VargheseImpact Of CR Reporting Practices On Firm’s Intellectual CapitalInternational Journal of Business and Management16-17
61Titto VargheseAnalysis of Foreign Direct
Investment in India
International Journal of Information, Business and Management16-17
62Ajith ThomasThe Role of Inhouse Travel Arrangers on purchase of Star Hotel Rooms: A study with reference to Kochi, the Commercial Capital of KeralaJournal of Contemporary Research in Management15-16
63Ajith ThomasBlossom Inners: Designing non-sensual communication for Lingerie MarketingISB-Ivey Case Study by Ivey Publishing15-16
64Ajith ThomasTrends in Management education: An Indian storyAsian Journal of Research in Social Sciences and Humanities15-16
65Ajith ThomasStrategies for Managing Services Delivery Gaps and Service RecoveryCase in advances in business, operations, and product analytics: Cutting edge cases from Finance to manufacturing to healthcare15-16
66Ajith ThomasCustomer RelationTraining Manual on Theeranaipunnya15-16
67Ajith ThomasStess ManagementTraining Manual on Theeranaipunnya15-16
68Jose Joy ThoppanOptimizing stock picking in Indian Energy SectorChanging Trends in Economic Development15-16
69Latha KAn Empirical study on Relevant Industrial Relations Factors in Kerala Rubber Products Manufacturing Industry.International Index Journal ‘Paripex’-Indian Journal of Research.15-16
70Latha KSmall scale units in Rubber products manufacturing industry of Kerala: Relevent Industrial Relations practices and its impact on organizational performanceProceedings of the National Conference on Business Models 201615-16
71Roji GeorgeAn empirical study on relevant industrial relations factors in Kerala Rubber products manufacturing IndustryIndian Journal of Research15-16
72Roji GeorgeSmall scale units in Rubber products manufacturing industry of Kerala: Relevent Industrial Relations practices and its impact on organizational performanceProceedings of the National Conference on Business Models 201615-16
73Shibulal ALE-Commerce: Evaluation and Model Development for E-waste Management in the Indian ContextCollege Sadhana- Journal for Bloomers of Research15-16
74Subramonaim KBasel III framework of Liquidity Standards-The Challenges before the Indian banks on Liquidity Risk ManagementThe IUP Journal of Bank Management15-16
75Titto VargheseEvaluating performance of a sevice Cooperative Bank: An application of Camel ModelIndian Journal of Finance15-16
76Titto VargheseEvaluating performance of Urban cooperative bank. An application of CAMEL modelCaarmel Journal of Management Research15-16
77Titto VargheseAnalysis of Foreign Direct
Investment in India
Journal of science,
technology & management
78Ajith ThomasTheory of MarketingExcel Publishers14-15
79Bindu JohnA study on the Impact of Locus of Control on Turnover Intention Among EmployeesErudition14-15
80Jacob GeorgeA Blue print for Neera Supply ChainIndian Coconut Journal14-15
81Jinomol P & Roji GeorgeLevel of Competition in Indian Mutual Fund IndustryThe Eternal, International Journal of Research in Management Studies14-15
82Nisa JamesRevamping Agri-Supply chain: A corporate perspectiveIndian Coconut Journal14-15
83Nisa JamesVitharana shrungalayude punarudharanam: Korparettukalude PankuIndian Naalikera Journal14-15
84Roji GeorgeA Systematic Review of Research on Industrial Relations (IR): Major DimensionsLux Montix14-15
85Subramonaim KTreasury Risk Management in Banks: Tools for Control and MeasurementDCMS Journal of Managemnt14-15
86Subramonaim KCompetitive Advantage and sustained growth of corporates-RBV ModelExplorations14-15
87Tinsy Rose TomFinancial Perofrmance Analysis of Inidan automobile industry with referance to two and three wheeler at Inida Infoline Ltd.Radixx14-15
88Thomas VargheseEmerging Trends in MarketingExcel Publishers13-14
89Ajith ThomasCo-creating Luxuary Hotel services: A Framework developmentLife Science Journal13-14
90Ajith Thomas“Marketing Innovations Observed in Rural India: A Case Study Approach”Gurukulam Journal of Management research (GJMR)13-14
91Bindu JohnMotivating Languages and its influence on worker outcomes- A Conceptual model developmentManagement Facets13-14
92Elizabeth DominicSatisfaction – Performane Linkage – In the light of the Concept of Organizational citizenship behaviuourVaibhav MAMATIAN Journal of Management13-14
93Jacob George & Roji GeorgeMember Trust’s impact on Member Satisfaction & Organizational Performance: Development of a Conceptual ModelLife Science Journal13-14
94Subramonaim KLimited Liability Partnership – An emerging form of Business Organization for Entrepreneurs ,SMEs and service ProvidersFIIB Business Review (FBR)13-14
95Subramonaim KEmpowerment of Women through EntrepreneurshipVaibhav MAMATIAN Journal of Management13-14
96Subramonaim KBasel-III Framework on Liquidity Standards- The Challenges before the Indian Banks on Liquidity Risk ManagementEmerging Trends in Finance and Accounting13-14
97Subramonaim KA strategic Approch towards managing workplace conflict- Wisdom from the MahabharataIndia and Indegenous Strategy13-14
98Subramonaim KEmpowerment of Women through EntrepreneurshipErudition13-14
99Subramonaim KNew Age Banking: Meeting the challengesManagement Facets13-14
100Thomas VargheseCustomer Expectations and Perceptions in Physical Fitness ServiceThe International Journal’s Research Journal of Social Sciences13-14
101Ajith ThomasResponsible & Sustainable Green Business Practices: An Empirical Case Study On Successful Luxury ResortsAsia Pacific Journal of Management and Entrepreneurship (APJMER)12-13
102Ajith ThomasSurrogate Buyers in Coorporate Buying of Luxury Hotel RoomsEuropean Journal of Business Management12-13
103Ajith Thomas & Elizabeth DominicAn itch for change: Challenges of change management for MamaBhasha PublicationsGlobaLens, WDI, University of Michigan, USA12-13
104Ajith Thomas & Elizabeth DominicFive Star Hotels – Are you loosing good people?ECCH,UK12-13
105Bindu JohnIn pursuit of Spiritual BlissVibrant Keralam12-13
106Bindu JohnThe Apple In your YardVibrant Keralam12-13
107Krishnan MA study on the product factor’s affecting an investor’s preference towards public sector life insurance productsInternational Journal of Research in Computer applications and Management12-13
108Roji GeorgeAsystematic Review of Reverse Split LiteraturePrajnan12-13
109Subramonaim KA Study of Employee Passion in Public Sector BanksSDMIMD Journal of Management12-13
110Subramonaim KThe Evolution of State Bank of Travancore as a Learning Organization – The role of the Trainer and Innovative methods of TrainingTraining & Development Journal12-13
111Subramonaim KA study on Improving service quality in banks to ensure customer loyaltyEmerging Trends in Marketing12-13
112Thomas VargheseHealth Insurance Marketing: Problems and ProspectsThe International Journal’s Research Journal of Social Sciences12-13
113Thomas VargheseEmerging Trends in MarketingExcel Publishers12-13
114Ajith ThomasSocial Entrepreneurship in the God’s Own CountryECCH,UK11-12
115Ajith Thomas & Muhammed Aslam, Malu, ManjuSustainable Rural Marketing Best Practices Perspectives from Central KeralaRural India in the new Millennium11-12
116Jacob GeorgeKottayam Port and Container Terminal: A commercial Viability StudyProject Financing11-12
117Krishnan MStrategic Financial Management and Small and Medium EnterprisesLourde Journal of Management11-12
118Roji GeorgeRecent Trends in Finance and BankingExcel Publishers11-12
119Roji George & Jacob GeorgeMember satisfaction in Urban Cooperative Banks: Definition and Prelimanary scale DeterminationJournal of Emerging Financial Markets11-12
120Stephen AnalilVidyabhyasam: Oru NerkazhchaSky publishers11-12
121Thomas VargheseA Comparative Study of Consumer and Marketer Perceptions in the Health Insurance MarketJournal of Marketing Management (Electronic), GSMI Michigan11-12

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