Introducing B.Tech in Robotics & Automation for the first time in Kerala along with a new course of Integrated MCA

Saintgits launches its new line of courses of Integrated MCA and B.Tech in Robotics & Automation. This would be the first time that a course of B.Tech in Robotics & Automation is initiated in any College of Engineering in Kerala. The ongoing demand and popularity of these career oriented courses has led Saintgits to introduce them in their list of programs. It is envisioned that professionally qualified graduates with a sound knowledge of these core disciplines and expertise will encounter significant number of openings in the industry. The incorporation of these skill-oriented courses adds value to the overall academic as well as holistic growth of the students.


B.Tech in Robotics and Automation

Robotics Engineers are trained to design and develop Robots. Their key role is to provide mechanical and software solutions for automating tasks that are inefficient or difficult for humans to perform. The main responsibilities of a robotics engineer are:

  • Design and develop Robotic solutions
  • Automate processes to improve efficiency
  • Research on innovative robotics technology
  • Develop new ways to integrate automation into everyday life
  • Develop AI systems and algorithms


Integrated MCA

The course aims at providing a sound academic base in computer skills and applications. The interactive program enables the students to acquire a conceptual knowledge of the software industry along with learning about its practical applications. Integrated MCA prepares students for a bright future in the field of Information Technology.


Admissions for the courses are now open. Enroll now!