The college has separate and secure residential facilities for both boys and girls. It has got good facilities and infrastructure which makes students feel comfortable and find a homely atmosphere. The hostel buildings have facilities for comfortable stay with generators for backup power supply. Resident Wardens and Faculty Wardens ensure the welfare of the students and provide necessary guidance in matters related to their academic and personal problems. The ambience of the hostel is conducive to intellectual growth and personality development.

Ragging is strictly prohibited. The hostel is annexed with a kitchen & dining halls with facilities to provide food at protected and hygienic environment. The mess serves to the taste of all cuisines. Healthy and nutritious food is served. Common room with T.V is also there. Hostel has also facilities for indoor games. Internet and Computer Facilities are also available in the hostel. Security guards for the hostel are on duty round the clock.

Hostel Rules

  • Students not residing with their parents should normally reside in the hostel. They can however stay with their local guardians. Students are strictly forbidden to reside in unapproved lodgings. Those desiring to reside in approved lodgings must obtain permission from the Principal
  • Students who want admission to hostel must apply for the same in the prescribed admission form (available from college office) with two passport size photographs and remit the caution deposit in the college office
  • Students are not allowed to stay at the hostel during college working hours.
  • All inmates are expected to maintain at all times personal cleanliness befitting the decorum of a future professional and will be properly attired.
  • Students have to make necessary entries in the 'Movement Register' before leaving the hostel for outing/shopping.
  • All inmates are expected to contact the Faculty Warden or Resident Warden for redressal of any grievance during their stay in the hostel.
  • All inmates are expected to maintain the rooms and common areas always in a presentable, neat and tidy manner
  • Smoking, use of alcohol or any other intoxicant is totally prohibited.
  • During study time every student unless he or she has prior permission for absence is to be present in his room
  • Safety of cash and valuables will be the sole responsibility of the student.
  • Switch off the lights/ fans and close the bathroom water taps when not in use

Deputy Chief Warden: Prof. Sunnykutty K John (9447258906)

Gents Hostel

Name of the Hostel

Hostel Wardens

Phone Number

St George(North)

Mr. K M Cherian


St George(South)

Mr. Shaji Thomas



Mr. Jolly P.D




Ladies Hostel

Name of the Hostel

Hostel Wardens

Phone Number

St Mary's

Ms. Shailajakumari


Ms.Mariamma R


Ms. Jolli K I (Hostel Assistant)


St Anns

Ms. Remadevi Rajasekhran


Hostel Admission 2016-17

Ladies Hostel

Hostel Deposit (Refundable)


Rent for 1 Year (4 Bedded)




Gents hostel

Hostel Deposit (Refundable)


Rent for 1 year (3 Bedded)




Fee Payment by way of                                 

1. Special counter of SIB at admission venue

2. Challan remittance at SIB extension counter

3. Challan remittance at all branches of SBT























































Important Dates

Event & Activity