Process Control Lab
Process Control laboratory helps students to learn control engineering principles in industrial scale test bed environment. The lab provides exposure to feedback control of flow, level, temperature, pressure process operations as well as pneumatic valve characteristics. Here students can work with Programmable Logic Controller with the intention of providing real time process control working atmosphere. NI LABVIEW platform facilitates students to use measurement and control hardware in a single development environment that assists teaching and research needs in the area of process control applications.

Industrial Instrumentation Lab

The lab is equipped with latest instruments used for measurements in industrial process control. Students are trained to calibrate these instruments effectively using equipment for calibration. The lab is provided with an uninterruptable supply of both electric and pneumatic power.

Measurements Lab

The measuring instruments are the most important part of the measurement process. The students are being introduced to the world of measurements and instrumentation through this lab. The measurements lab is equipped with modern high-quality measuring instruments, which helps the students to study the measurement of temperature, pressure, displacement, force etc. They use different types of bridge circuits for measurement of resistance, capacitance and inductance etc. After completion of this lab, students learn to measure as well as develop the skill to calibrate the temperature and pressure gauges etc.

Analog Integrated Circuits Lab

A course in Linear Integrated Circuits is an essential part of a well-rounded Electronics and Instrumentation engineering curriculum. The linear IC laboratory has facilities for design, bread-board implementation and performance measurement of circuit applications using commercially available operational amplifiers and linear / analog ICs. This suite provides an interactive learning environment for students to explore circuit behaviour and circuit.

Digital Signal Processing Lab

Digital signal processing lab provides a platform for the students to process digital signals using MATLAB and DSP boards. Students are able to analyze digital signals in the frequency domain using MATLAB that helps them to design various digital filters of different kinds. DSP lab provides the basic knowledge for students to program DSP kit.

Industrial Electronics Lab

Industrial Electronics Lab consists of solid-state electronic devices and the supporting equipment. The lab is framed in such a way that students get real time experience in controlling and conversion of electric power using solid state devices. Major equipment used in the lab are McMURRAY Inverter, DC Chopper Trainer Kit, Power Supply, Function Generator, CRO, Digital Storage Oscilloscope etc.

Microprocessor & Microcontroller Lab

Microprocessor and Microcontroller lab familiarize to program 8086 processor and 8051 microcontrollers using MASM and KEIL. The development platform helps students to develop an environment that includes debuggers, editing tools, and compilers. By acquiring the knowledge of programming, they get the basic idea to program advanced controllers. By familiarizing with the interfacing of microcontroller students will be able to develop their embedded system projects.

Mini Project Lab

The department of Mini Project Lab provides a platform for students to develop innovative products for various real time applications in the field of control, instrumentation & signal processing. It is well equipped with 15 computers with software which includes MATLab, Labview, Modelsim & PSPICE. Internet facility is also provided with wifi connectivity. This lab is utilized by the 3rd year students to take up their project work in the college itself.