Dr. Nivedita S

Dr. Nivedita S
Dr. Nivedita S

Designation: Assistant Professor (Sr.)
Education:  B.Tech, M Tech, Ph.D

UG  : Chemical Engineering
PG  : Energy Engineering

PhD: Chemical Engineering

International Journals

  1. Nivedita S and Shiny Joseph, Performance of PCL/TiO2 composite membrane for the effective treatment of dairy effluents, Journal of water science and technology 83(10) (2021) 2477-2485
  2. Nivedita S and Shiny Joseph, Optimization of process parameters for PCL-PEG-TiO2 composite membrane using response surface methodology for water purification, Arabian Journal for science and engineering 45(9) (2020) 7347-7360
  3. Nivedita S, Danish Ahamed and Shiny Joseph, Thermodynamic analysis of phase diagram of H2O-DMF-PCL system: investigation on the influence of inorganic additives TiO2/MMT, J Mater Sci. 55 (2020) 5431-5444
  4. Nivedita S and Shiny Joseph, Effect of unmodified and modified montmorillonite on the properties of PCL based ultrafiltration membrane for water treatment applications, J. Water Process Eng. 21 (2018) 61–68.

International Conference

  1. Presented a paper entitled “Effect of Polyethylene Glycol as Additive on the Binodal Curve of the Phase Diagram of Water/Dimethyformamide/ Polycaprolactone System: A Theoretical Evaluation” in the 7th International Conference on Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS 2020) held at Singapore during March, 2020.
  2. Participated in the international conference on Membrane Technology and its applications and delivered an oral presentation entitled “Preparation and Characterization of PCL based ultrafiltration membrane for chromium removal” at National Institute of Technology, Trichy in February 2017.

National Conference

  1. Presented a paper entitled “Performance analysis of montmorrilonite (nanoclay) incorporated polycaprolactone based membrane synthesized by phase inversion technique” in the oral session of CHEMCON 2019, Indian Chemical Engineering Congress at Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi during December 2019
  2. Presented a paper entitled “A novel ultrafiltration membrane for Chromium removal” in the oral session of CHEMCON 2016, Indian Chemical Engineering Congress and actively participated in all the proceedings of the congress held at AC Tech, Chennai during December 2016


Workshop/Seminars Attended

  1. Short term courses on Recent Development in Waste Water Treatment Technologies organized by the department of Chemical Engineering, National Institute of Technology, Trichy.
  2. TEQIP-II sponsored national workshop on Molecular Characterization Techniques organized by the department of Chemical Engineering, Govt. Engineering College, Kozhikode.
  3. MHRD-TEQIP-II sponsored workshop on Research Writing: Technical and language aspects organized by the department of Mechanical Engineering, NIT Calicut.
  4. Participated in the International Conference on Macromolecules: Synthesis, Morphology, Processing, Structure, Properties and Applications held at Mahatma Gandhi University, Kottayam, Kerala
  5. Participated in one-day workshop on Necessity of Calibration for Industries conducted by Department of Energy and Environment, NIT Trichy.


  • IICHe     

Research Interest

  • Membrane technology
  • Wastewater treatment

Contact Details

Ph 8281103035

Email nivedita.s@saintgits.org