Er. Sureshkumar J

Designation:  Assistant Professor (Sr)
Education:  B.Tech, M Tech

Professional Experience
Teaching  : 7 years

Non Teaching: 2 years

UG  : Food Technology
PG  : Food Processing Technology

Publication  (latest come first)
International Journals

  1. Development of Primary Food Packaging Material Using Saracaasoca Pods, Publication date- 2022. Publication Description – Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology.
  2. Effect of Heat Treatment on Rennetability of Soy and Coconut Milk Combination, Publication date- 2022. Publication Description – Jundishapur Journal of Microbiology.
  3. Optimization Of Process Parameters for Tray Dried Broccoli Powder for The Development of Protein Rich Pizza Base, , Publication date- 2022. Publication Description – Journal of Algebraic statistics.
  4. Optimization of spray drying parameters of Amaranthus cruentus juice using Response Surface Methodology, Publication date- 2022. Publication Description – Journal of Algebraic statistics.
  5. Preparation of herbal whey drink added with extracts of Bacopa monnieri Publication date – 2018 Publication description – Asian Journal of Dairy and Food Research
  6. Comparative analysis of butter produced by mechanical butter and egg beater. Publication date – 2014  publication description -International Journal of Scientific Research
  7. Assessment of Overall Equipment Effectiveness, Efficiency and Energy Consumption of Breakfast Cereals publication date2012 publication description – International Journal of Engineering and Technology

National Journals

  1.  Study on Changes over Musa Acuminate and Vitis Vinifera by Aloe Vera Gel as an Edible Coating. Publication date2014  publication description – Indian Journal of Applied Research

International Conference

  1. International conference on recent progresses in biological science,2022 – Development and Sensory Evaluation of Helianthus Annuus (Seed) Incorporated Bakery Products
  2. IBCFT 2019 – Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore. Evaluation Of Pollution Parameters In Poultry Wastewater From Local Chicken Shops Udhaya Ganga M1, Bakyaraj2, Nagamaniammai G1, Suresh Kumar J1
  3. IBCFT 2019 – Kumaraguru College of Technology, Coimbatore. Evaluation. Sensory and Textural Properties of Gluten based Chewing Gum. Suresh kumar J1,Nagamaniammai G1, Shwetha H S2
  4. International conference in whole grain technology 2019 – Optimization and development of payasam with zea mays –Suresh kumar.J1, Dhivya K.B2 and Nusrath Sabeeba.K.P3.
  5. 3rd International Conference on Emerging Trends in Millet Technology for health promotion 2020 – Studies on the enhancement of nutri rich gluten free noodles from biomaterials
  6. International conference on Recent Trends in Lifestyle Disease Management March,2020 at Vels University, Chennai – Development of Functional Non Gluten Based Extruded Product for the betterment of gluten intolerance.

National Conference

  1. National Conference in Research and Innovation in Aquatic Foods and Fishing Vessel Technology 2020  – Sensory Characters of clam mix curry powder at AMET Deemed to be university.   
  2. National Conference cum Workshop on zero hunger challenge: strategies for food security – 2018 -– Review on microgreens – an alternate for sprouting – College of Food and Dairy Technology
    J.Suresh kumar1, Dr. G. Nagamanniammai2, M.Udhayaganga
  3. National Symposium on Organic And Genetically modified foods held at SRM University, Chennai on February 14th,2020. – Consumer presumptions on organic foods
  4. National Seminar on New Vistas in Food Processing in Augmenting Entrepreneurship on 3st January,2020 at Seethalakshmu Ramaswami College, Tiruchy.


As resource Person

  1.  Webinar on Entrepreneurship and Opportunities  in food industry at Prince shri Venkateswara Arts and Science College, Chennai with IIC and Health Club
  2. Webinar on Entrepreneurship and Opportunities  in Agricultural and Food industry at St Joseph Degree College,Kurnool, Karnataka with EDC and IIC
  3. Webinar on Thermal Processing of food at AMET University, Chennai

Events Organized

  1. Workshop on “Hands on Training in Preparation of Value-Added Food Products from Pineapple for SHG member of Kottayam district in association with Kerala Gramin Bank.
  2. Coordinator for national conference – Raise the Approach – Food Technology’18
  3. Coordinator for ICWGT’19 – International Conference on Whole Grain Technology’19


  •    Association of Food Scientist and Technologist of India

Research Interest

  • Technical Process development
  •  Product development and Standardization


  1.  Best Paper Award 

Contact Details

Ph: 9750688906