Why Design?

This is the century of design and innovation. The impact of design in our lives is unimaginable. The car you drive, the chair you sit, your phone, your laptop, your clothes… practically everything we use today is designed by somebody. Imagine how exciting it is to know that what you have designed is being used by thousands of people around the world.

Design as a career
Design has become the career choice for many students with a creative streak who do not want to follow conventional career pathways which have lost their sheen with supply exceeding their demand in the market. Monodisciplinary courses have also being slowly edged out by multidisciplinary courses which give students varied skillsets needed in a challenging technological environment.

It is increasingly being felt that in a scenario where artificial intelligence and machine learning can make many jobs redundant, creative professions have better chances of survival.

Multidisciplinary learning
Design with its focus on multidisciplinary learning, skill-based pedagogy and with its unique blend of art, science and technology fills this void perfectly. No wonder, design schools are mushrooming all around the country with the last count exceeding a hundred. But these are mostly in North and Western India with very few in the South, making students go to bigger cities for design education.

Saintgits Design School
Saintgits College of Engineering with its two-decade reputation in Engineering and Management education is best-positioned to fill this lacuna with a design school. Saintgits Design School started in 2022 aims to be a design school that matches the best in the country with an up-to-date syllabus, good infrastructure and qualified and experienced faculty drawn from premier design schools in the country and abroad.

Why should you apply?
Design is not for everyone, you need to have that creative spark in you to pursue design as a career. If you are a creative person, who loves solving problems and creating things, design may be the right career choice for you. If you are looking for a rewarding and satisfying career in design closer home, Saintgits Design School can be your choice. Make a visit to the school, meet the faculty and students and make that life-changing decision all by yourself.