SDS offers four-year Bachelor of Design programme in Product Design, Communication Design and Interaction Design. This programme is meant to develop students’ skills, knowledge and aptitude to become creative problem solvers who can bring about innovation in the fields connected with design and emerging technologies. Students coming from different streams undergo a common foundation programme to learn visualising, modelling skills and thought processes.

Product Design

A Product designer is committed to the cause of improving the quality of the human environment with products that are functional and aesthetic. A creative professional who solves (through design and critical thinking) by correlating technical, social and ergonomic aspects with human needs. Students, during this programme, interact with the industry, institutions and social organisations to understand, study, analyse and solve various kinds of existing problems. The choice and outcome of the final projects in this programme reflect the student’s aspiration to improve and change the consumer product scene and emerging technologies.

Communication Design

The Communication design programme at SDS seeks to train students to create compelling narratives in print and digital media. The emphasis is to inculcate creative problem-solving skills using appropriate media and generate innovative methodologies for effective communication. The focus is to advance the student’s understanding and problem-solving skills in print media, broadcast media, animation and film making. Students learn about designing brands, publication design, packaging design, signage design and more to be a full-fledged communication designer.

Interaction Design

This discipline aims to impart knowledge in the domain of designing interactive experiences in media, consumer products, and software design applications. Graduates in this programme will emerge with good cognitive and technical skills for analytical abilities, specific techniques, sensitive approach and knowledge of interaction design practices. The programme focuses on human-centred needs and new technologies. The focus of this course will be to create attractive interfaces along with efficient navigation and seamless user experience while exploring virtual, augmented and mixed reality scenarios.

Foundation Programme

At Saintgits Design School, the first year of B Des. is called the Foundation programme. This rigorous programme divided into two semesters is used to unlearn what they have learnt by rote before and learn how to think visually and creatively, while polishing up already acquired skills. Each twenty-week semester has seven courses with durations between 2–4 weeks. Courses are run in block modules to ensure undivided attention.