Mr. Reji R

Mr. Reji R
Mr. Reji R

Designation:  Assistant Professor ( Sr)

Education:  MCA, M TECH, PHD (Doing)

Professional Experience

Teaching :  9 Years

Research : 5 years

Industry :  5 Years


PG  : Computer Applications

Other  : M. Tech. Computer Science and IT


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  2. Comparative Analysis in 3D Face Recognition, 2010 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Research. International Journal of Imaging Science and Engineering, Vol 2, ISSN1934-9955.( UGC Approved)
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  8. 3D Face Recognition as a Biometrics and its Diverse Applications: International Journal of Computer Science and Engineering,, Volume-6  Issue-7 , Page no. 567-572, Jul-2018 ( UGC Approved)


  1. Attended 7 day workshop on IDL conducted by IEEE MADRAS SECTION.
  2. Attended one day workshop on teaching learning process in Engineering conducted by ISTE.
  3. Attended one week workshop “Mission 10X” organized by Wipro.
  4. Attended Dale Carnegie Workshop on ” High Impact Teaching Skills“
  5. Attended two day workshop on” writing effective conference papers” organized by IIT Bombay.
  6. Attended KSCSTE sponsored 3 Days Workshop on Research Trends, Tools, Modeling &Writing Skills.
  7. Attended two week ISTE workshop on “Introduction to Research methodology” organized by IIT Bombay.
  8. Attended two week AICTE Sponsored workshop on Recent Trends in Image Processing.
  9. Attended one week Infosys Deep Dive Program at Mangalore DC
  10. Attended TEQUIP Sponsored One week workshop on Soft Computing.
  11. Attended one day ISTE workshop on Python at AJCE.
  12. Attended one day ISTE workshop on Creative Teaching
  13. Completed AICTE Sponsored  FDP 101x, 201x and 301x  organized by IIT Bombay
  14. Attended a Workshop on Mooc Development organized by Bennet University.
  15. Attended Workshop on Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning organized by Leading  and  Bennet University.
  16. Attended a training programme on IEEE Xplorer and Digital Library.
  17. Attended an FDP on How to write Effective Research Papers organized by WILEY .


  • Life Member ISTE: LM No:83271
  • Member IACSIT No :80344819
  • Member CSTA No: 2351143
  • Member IAENG No : 129846
  • Member CSI



Research Interest

  • Image Processing
  • 3D Face recognition
  • Neural Networks
  • Fuzzy Logic
  • Deep Learning


  1. Rank 1 MG University PhD Admission July 2013.
  2. 8/12 SGPA for Course Work, Topper 2013 Batch.
  3. A+ grade for Infosys Deep Dive Program.
  4. Won first and cash Prize for the Big Idea Competition For faculty Organized by SCIE .
  5. Best Paper Award for the Paper Titled “Region Based 3D Face Recognition” in 2017 IEEE International Conference on Computational Intelligence and Computing Knowledge.

Contact Details 

Phone :  +919947992614

Email :