Value Added Courses

Co-Curricular ComponentCourseBatchSemesterDurationPeriod
ADD ON COURSESKALI LINUX2021-2023 (Regular)S25 Days23-05-2022 To 27-05-2022
Networking and Cyber Security2020-2022 (Regular) A & B BatchS35 Days13-12-2021To 17-12-2021
Angular JS2019-2022 (Regular)
S55 Days08-11-2020 To 12-11-2020
R Language2019-2022 (Regular)S43 Days12-04-2021 To14-04-2021
R Language2018-2021S43 Days08-01-2020 To 10-01-2020
PYTHON using DJANGO2017-2020 (Regular)S45 Days06-01-2020 To 10-01.2020
PYTHON using DJANGO2018-2020 (Lateral)S25 Days06-01-2020 To 10-01.2020
HTML/CSS2019-2022 (Regular)
S22 Days06-01-2020 To 07-01.2020
Git   & GitHub2018-2020 (Lateral)S2Jan’2019 To March 2019
Jan’2020 To May 2020
Introduction   to Cloud Computing
Learn Android Application   Development
Microsoft   Dynamics 365
Mobile Development   Architecture
Python   from beginner to intermediate
Algorithms and Data structures   in C++2019-2022S2Jan’2020 To May 2020
Jan’2020 To May 2020
Fundamental Data Structures   & Algorithms using C Language
Introduction to Algorithms and   Data Structure in C++
Object Oriented Programming in   Java
Programming for Everybody   (Getting Started with Python)
Python Data Structures

C programming2019-2024
Data Science
Learn C programming from   scratch
Major Threats in Cyber   Security Landscape
Threats in Cyber Security
Website Development