Management Development Programme

Today’s business is characterized by constant change and dynamism in every sphere. Organizations have become human resource oriented and it is the human resource capital that plays a dominant role in helping the organizations to gain a competitive advantage. Hence it becomes imperative for managers to continuously educate and update themselves about the changes and evolving management practices. For this purpose, Saintgits Institute of Management considers its role of imparting training and development to corporate executives, through open MDPs, customized in-house programmes and consultancy as an important one.

The MDPs at Saintgits Institute of Management are specifically designed to reflect the evolving realities of business and management practices and applications so that it adds knowledge and skill to the participants.


NPA Management and recovery without court intervention, Profitability of banks, Loan products and fundamentals of credit appraisal, Deposit products and mobilization techniques, Effective fund management, Bank marketing.

General Management
Navigation through successful life (Work life balance), Communication skills, Business etiquette, Personal effectiveness and time management, Executive stress management, Business and social protocols, Presentation skills for CEOs, Creative leadership Learning skills.

Human Resources
Interpersonal Relationships for Business Development, Team building for Organizational Development, Transactional analysis (TA) for Personal development, Change management, Conflict management and resolution, Mind mapping.

Marketing skills-Introduction, Selling skills, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) as a Business strategy, Negotiation skills.

Finance for Non-finance executives, Cost control and cost reduction.


Dr. Jose Joy Thoppan