Marketing Association

“The marketing club of SIM endeavours to provide an opportunity to strengthen the marketing concept as well as promote innovative marketing thoughts and ideas. The primary objective of the club is to look beyond the books and to extend the pragmatic knowledge of marketing to the budding managers. The club encourages the student led initiatives through a variety of events such as case discussions, consumer surveys, service blueprints, product design advice, Retail store audits, Ad Zaps and Mall visits etc.,”

Finance Association

The Finance Association at Saintgits Institute of Management provides a platform for students to explore various current happenings in the economic and finance domain. The Association conduct a variety of activities like corporate guest talks, exhibitions, investment game competition, Fintech review, business plan presentation, budget talks, panel discussions, book review discussions, and debates among others. Activities of the Finance Association are student-driven; designed to improve students’ domain knowledge along with developing their communication, confidence, and leadership skill. The Association partners with industry experts, alumni, and other resources to prepare students for successful careers in the field.

HR Association

The Human resource association of SIM has been envisaged to support the students in all their academic endeavours and help them acquire the core HR competencies and knowledge expected of an upcoming HR professional. The scope of this association extends both towards augmenting the students’ curriculum-oriented classroom learning at the department and helping them look beyond it. This goal of achieving core HR competencies and academic excellence is achieved by working on three important fronts:

  • Personality
  • Knowledge
  • Development

Together, the HR association is responsible for creating an atmosphere of academic rigor, plugging of the student’s academic vulnerabilities, and creating a formidable talent pool with a functional knowledge of the HR subjects.

Operations Association

The Operations Association at the Saintgits Institute of Management seeks to provide students with an opportunity to advance and reinforce creative ideas and concepts in the field of operations. The primary goal of the group is to inform aspiring managers about operational experience outside of the classroom. The group primarily promotes student-led projects through a variety of organised events, such as simulation games, logistics network design, case studies, and other activities.

Business Analytics Association

The Business Analytics association of SIM is a student-run association, which is meant to help students get exposure to the ever-growing field of analytics. The vision of the association is to help members understand the role of analytics across industries and to nurture a data-driven approach to problem-solving.The association encourages student-led initiatives through a variety of events such as case discussions, surveys, Simulations, Paper presentations, Advanced Analytics using Python etc.”