Centre for Applied Finance

The Saintgits Institute of Management has established the Centre for Applied Finance (SCAF) with the objective of attracting the best students and provide a comprehensive platform based real-time learning experience. The Centre was established with the mission of offering research and consultancy in the Financial Services and Commodity markets space.

Centre for Family Business

Saintgits Centre for Family Business (SCFB) was set up in the year 2017 with a view to offer support to family businesses and give an orientation to students whose families own businesses. 

As part of attaining these goals, SAINTGITS Centre for Family Business offers 

  • Seminars and conferences in recent developments in the area of Family Business
  • Corporate talks whereby participants have the opportunity to interact with leaders of family businesses
  • Mentoring students from business backgrounds so as to familiarize them with the nuances of family businesses
  • Consulting and Advice to Family Businesses
  • Customized courses on Family Business Management
  • Knowledge building and dissemination
  • Networking between members of family businesses