Cultural Club

The Cultural club of SIM is a platform to promote a vibrant campus experience through organizing innumerable activities pertaining to the performing arts and cultural activities. The Club provides inspiration and opportunity to students to work on individual and group activities. The purpose is to provide a comforting vent for students who are inclined to share their imaginations and talents through various activities.  The club encourages student-led initiatives such as song competition, dance competition, photography, painting and other events which would help the students to bring out their artistic talents.

Sports Club

The sports club at SIM aims to provide exposure to the students to all Indoor and outdoor activities and develop a healthy lifestyle for the students. The club encourages student-led initiatives in sporting activities. The club aims to specialize each student in one sports activity of their choice.  Institute expects that the activities and participation in club activities will help them to enhance the graduate attributes of the programme especially, their leadership, confidence, creativity, decision-making, and team spirit skills. 

Entrepreneurship Development Club

The Entrepreneurship Development Club at SIM aims to provide a conduit by which students can access entrepreneurial resources, network with community entrepreneurs, and share ideas and participate in Business Plan competitions. This club offers inspiration and support for any student who aspires to become an entrepreneur.

Every year “CARNIVAL” a student initiated program is done as part of this club. Different Entrepreneurship teams are created around different start-up ideas, and experienced entrepreneurs from the business community, along with faculty advisors mentor the teams. An emphasis is on following through so that profitable businesses actually are created by the club. This club helps the students to nurture their entrepreneurship skills. Students in the club will participate in the development of a business, working on a business plan, but ideally motivate to implement a start-up. The club is dedicated to furthering understanding about new and small businesses.