Aakash Tablet, launched by Government of India, is emerging as a key ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) tool which helps in significantly addressing the issues of scarcity of trained teachers and difficulty in accessing the best educational contents. When used in conjunction with the high-speed network of NKN, Aakash has a great potential to become a ubiquitous and effective ICT tool for students and teachers. Aakash project at IIT Bombay is dedicated to the development of useful applications and contents for use with Aakash Tablets. It attempts to empower teachers by using a unique blend of technology, e-content, and innovative pedagogy. Saintgits College of Engineering (RC ID 1042) is also identified as one of the Aakash Project Centre of IIT Bombay. IIT Bombay is providing Aakash tablets to the Aakash Project Centres with the goal of completing useful development of engineering colleges, and to build a large community of thousands of these talented professional students and teachers, to carry out large scale development of applications and content for use in all schools and colleges.

Aakash Coordinator
Rajesh K S
Asst Professor
Dept. of Computer Applications

+91 9946588839