The Central Library, functioning as an information disseminating centre catering to the needs of students, researchers and staff community, has a major role in paving the way for better academic excellence. The Central library spreads over two floors with an area of 1120 sqm. Specialized collections of Books, Journals & Non-book materials are available in Basic Sciences, Engineering and Technology, Applied Science and Humanities. There is a collection of 56100 Volumes of Books, 153 Print Journals, magazines and AICTE mandatory subscription of e journals packages of Under graduate and post graduate programs. The SAINTGITS – Central Library has access to e-resources of Science Direct & EBSCO. We also have collections of Indian Standards Codes on DVDs. The Library has a collection of NPTEL video courses in different fields of education.
The aim of the Library is to acquire, organize, utilize and preserve the information sources and to extend effective and efficient service to the students, research scholars and faculty members of the colleges.

PlatformURLLogin DetailsE-content
EBSCOsearch.ebscohost.comUser ID: saintgits
Password: LIBRARY@2019
DELNETwww.delnet.nic.inClick onto New Discovery Portal and access with the following login & password.
Login              : krsce
Password       : sce940
Books and Journals
National Digital Library (NDL) Account with
Username as Saintgits E-mail ID
Books, Journals
Video Lectures,
Science Direct Remote Accesswww.sciencedirect.comUse Saintgits E-mail ID as UsernameJournals

All are advised NOT to use any downloading software for downloading the contents.