Saintgits Institute of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (SIAIML)

AI is the new Electricity

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is changing the world and the way we live, the same way as electricity brought in a revolution, almost a century back. Machine Learning (ML) and Deep Learning (DL) techniques and models are being widely used in Healthcare, Autonomous Vehicles, Financial Sector, Agriculture, HR, Marketing and in many more areas. Industries are on the lookout for a skilled talent pool in AI, but there is a great dearth for trained experts with hands-on experience.


SIAIML is a new initiative of SAINTGITS to fill this gap. We focus on Training and Research in AI, ML and DL, in collaboration with Industries (like NVIDIA), Online Learning Platforms (like Coursera) and Research Organizations (like MIR Labs).

State of the art Training by Certified Experts

Our faculty members and experts from industry with Certifications and Specializations in Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Computer Vision related areas will lead the training. Online and Offline platforms will be used for course delivery. At the end of the training in a specific area, participants are expected to complete a Capstone Project, under the guidance of experts in the field. Learners will get the opportunity to work on the state of the art industry standard tools and frameworks and be certified by companies like IBM, NVIDIA and Google. We also plan to arrange internships in reputed industries for those who successfully complete the training. Our initial focus will be on a Foundation Course on AI and ML, a Specialization Course in Computer Vision (CV) and Certification by NVIDIA. Subsequently, we will offer courses in other areas like Natural Language Processing, Speech Processing, Robotics and Autonomous Vehicles.

Foundation Course on Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Module 1 – Introduction to AI and ML (Concepts and Coding with Python on Jupyter Notebook + Micro Project)

Module 2 – Introduction to DL (DNN, RNN, CNN, Autoencoders – Coding with Python on Jupyter Notebook, TensorFlow and Keras + Micro Project

Capstone Project

Specialization Course in Artificial Intelligence for Computer Vision

Module 1 – Image Processing Basics, AI, ML, DL, CNN with Python and PyCharm- DL for Computer Vision with OpenCV + Micro Project

Module 2 – ML and DL for Computer Vision with Python, Tensorflow and Keras + Micro Project

Capstone Project

Industry Certification by NVIDIA DLI (Deep Learning Institute)

Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Computer Vision

Fundamentals of Deep Learning for Multiple Data Types

Dr. Santhosh P. Mathew

SIAIML is headed by Dr Santhosh P Mathew, in his capacity as Professor & Associate Dean