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HR Policies

These are the HR policies, Leave policies and incentives provided to our SAINTGITS family members

Leave Policy: We believe that all the employees of the ‘Mar Gregorios Educational Society’ are part of ONE FAMILY and for their personal emergencies and welfare the following leave policy is adopted. Leave is to be treated not as a right, but as a privilege to be availed with restraint. Leave planning is to be done with prior approval of the superiors concerned so that smooth working of our organization is always ensured. When the exigencies of service require so, discretion to refuse or revoke leave of any description is reserved to the sanctioning authority. All employees are expected to be present at all departmental/ Institutional Programs and Staff Meetings. They are expected to apply for leave sufficiently early and can avail leave only after getting sanction. All leaves are to be reckoned with respect to each financial year viz. April to March Confirmed employees are eligible for casual leave, medical leave, privilege leave and maternity leave, the details of which are given below. Probationers are eligible for only casual leave. Trainees are eligible for only ten casual leave in a year. Employees appointed on contract basis will be eligible for casual leave applicable for confirmed employees