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Saintgits College of Applied Sciences is a new generation Arts and Science college launched in 2004. It has maintained high standards in academic as well as extra-curricular activities ever since it launched with a full capacity of students. With a scientifically planned teaching methodology, combined with some of the best and experienced faculty and state-of-the-art infrastructure, the institute has set a benchmark in graduate studies.

In addition to the syllabus, the institution always caters to the all-round growth of the youth and with this objective in mind we offer value-added programmes. This institution is well known for campus placement and ensures higher education in esteemed national and international universities and institutes.

2024 Admission Open

B. Com, BCA, B. A, B. Sc, BBA, M. Com, M. Sc. AI

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Value Added Courses

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Ms.Beenu Elsa Thomas

Associate - Operational Procurement in Allianz Services, BBA alumna

It was really a great time at SCAS. I’m privileged and honoured to be part of Saintgits.It is the best college not only in its academics but also in every other aspect which helps in moulding a student with good character and good personality.  My sincere gratitude to all the faculty members in Saintgits College of Applied Sciences. The faculty members are well educated and always ready to motivate and support students.

Ms. Gopika V

SCM Staff Consultant, Oracle, BBA alumna

Saintgits College of Applied Sciences was a pivotal point in my life. The faculty at the BBA department provided me with the right learning environment and encouraged me to step outside my comfort zone, always challenging me to test my potential. I have become a person who questions and challenges everything given to me and tries to find better solutions not just at the professional front, but also in my personal life.

Mr. Ambady M.R

Business Banking Advisor, Lloyds Banking Group, Glasgow, BBA alumnus

For me, Saintigits was a plethora of opportunities including well-structured coursework, extracurricular activities including various clubs, competitions, management fests etc. Throughout the three years of my term time, I underwent a significant transformation. From Saintgits I’ve made a handful of strong bonds with my fellow beings, lecturers and mentors that last for a lifetime. The range of placement options are commendable too.

Karishma Hentry

(MPhil, M A Economics, M.Com, NET), Assistant Professor, Rajagiri College of Social Science

SCAS had given me an unparalleled experience which I always treasure . Befriending nature and dedicative spirit of faculty  helped me to shine with time. 

Their compassion built a passion in me towards teaching.Learn , grow and excel is actually the mantra which makes SCAS unique from other institutions.

Akshay Nalendran

Co-founder at HappyCoup & Account Manager at FoxyMoron - Zoo Media Network Pvt. Ltd.

SCAS provided me with such skills and opportunities that paved way to make me a true leader. Throughout my course study at SCAS, I was able to elevate myself through various opportunities with the support of the faculty. It’s the place where I got a chance to explore myself which in turn made me the person I am today.

CA. Nirupa Ann Varghese

Assistant Manager at  PwC India | ACA|ACS, B.Com(2010-2013)

As I stand at this point of my life being a CA and a qualified CS, I feel privileged to say that the Commerce department of SCAS greatly contributed to what I am today. Every class at SCAS gave me takeaways for a lifetime. The learning experience and exposure I got from this prestigious institution gave me a solid foundation and confidence to join CA as well as CS courses. Apart from academics, the department conducted several events which nurtured my talents, enhanced my skills and overall confidence. 

Sreerag H

Tata Consultancy Services Ltd, (Process Associate)

My time at Saintgits College of Applied Sciences was truly life-changing. The  dedicated faculty emphasize on hands-on learning and the vibrant campus environment made it an exceptional institution. The expertise of faculty added immense value to our education. The placement opportunities helped me to perform well in the recruitment drives. The co-curricular activities and events enriched our overall development, while the beautiful campus provided a serene backdrop for learning. The strong alumni network continues to support me in my career. Saintgits College of Applied Sciences is a catalyst for success.

Richie Jacobs Tom

Officer, Federal Bank Pvt. Ltd.

I was blessed to be a part of SCAS. I was able to excel under the guidance of a great team of faculty members. The faculty supported me to build a strong foundation for my professional life by helping me in enhancing my skills and knowledge. As the motto of Saintgits Group says, SCAS helped me to learn, grow and excel.

BINCY C (2012- 15 batch)

System Analyst at _G10X| Oracle PLSQL Developer

“SCAS provided me with an education that extended far beyond the classroom. The college’s emphasis on experiential learning and projects allowed me to gain valuable first-hand experience in my field. Today, as a successful professional, I look back to my time at SCAS with gratitude for the opportunities it provided me and the lasting impact it had on my personal and professional career development.” – Bincy C

JOHN A THAZHATH (2012 -15 batch)

Senior Engineer, Genesys

“My experience at SCAS was truly transformative. The professors challenged me to think critically and pushed me to reach my full potential. The community of students was supportive and diverse, which allowed me to broaden my perspective and grow as an individual. Thanks to my education at SCAS, I have achieved my career goals and made a meaningful impact in my field.”- John A Thazhath

ALLAN CHERIAN BIJU (2017-20 batch)

Scholar Trainee, Wipro Limited

“I can confidently say that my time at SCAS was life-changing. The comprehensive curriculum and state-of-the-art facilities provided me with a top-notch education. Today, I am proud to be an alumnus of SCAS, and I credit my success to the solid foundation I received there.” – Allan Cherian Biju.

SHALU M ABRAHAM (2014 – 17 batch)

Chief Executive Officer (CEO) & Founder at Pinnacle event planners

Being an alumnus of SCAS has been an incredible advantage in my career. Additionally, the supportive alumni community has been a constant source of guidance and mentorship. I am grateful for the lifelong relationships I formed and the opportunities SCAS has afforded me.” – Shalu M Abraham.

SOJAN THOMAS (2013 – 16 batch)

Senior Engineer II at Nissan India Digital LLP

“As a graduate of Saintgits College of Applied Sciences, I can confidently say that the institution prepared me for success in the real world. The professors were experts in their respective disciplines and mentors who genuinely cared about my growth. I am grateful for my time at SCAS, which laid the foundations for my professional achievement” – Sojan Thomas

ANTONY BENNET (2015 – 18 batch)

Senior Developer, Revgurus Inc

“My time at Saintgits College of Applied Sciences was truly transformative. The dedicated faculty members challenged and supported me and the diverse student body exposed me to new perspectives. I am proud to be an alumnus of SCAS and will forever cherish the memories and connections I made there.” – Antony Bennet.

Karthik P Nair,

Associate, EY GDS India, BBA alumnus

I was really blessed and privileged to be a part of Saintgits family. I’ve learned a lot, not just academically, but in all facets of career development. The course I took helped me to fine tune my innate abilities and enrich my skills. The constant support and motivation of faculty enlightened me throughout my journey in SCAS.

Ms.Meenakshi T J,

Senior Executive- Brand and Campaign, Bewakoof Brands Pvt Ltd, BBA alumna

The lifelong learning I received from Saintgits has shaped me to be a better individual. The support that I have received from the faculties to take initiative and challenge is everything that a student could ask for.

Praise Babu(2014-17 batch),

Associate II, Portfolio Management and Organisation SMBC Bank, NY

Saintgits provided us with dedicated faculty who are highly knowledgeable and strive for the overall betterment of students. Their expertise and support were invaluable during my time at the college. Additionally, the college provided us with English business newspapers, which helped me gain more insights into the business world, broaden my horizons, and improve command over English language. Moreover, the library facility exposed me to a wide range of international magazines and books, further aiding my learning.

Samuel M Thomas (2018-21batch),

Investigation Specialist (Risk Management) Amazon development Centre, Bangalore

As a Corporate Economics graduate, my impression of this course is that it is meticulously designed and organized. Every component of the curriculum is crucial in developing comprehensive skill set for students. The approach of experiential learning has been effectively employed, resulting in the optimal development of each student’s potential.

Reeba Merin Biju (2017-20 batch),

Junior Purchasing Coordinator, Bourbon Gulf, Qatar

Three years at Saintgits widened my exposure and helped me give  a big thought about my future. Good balance between academics and extra-curricular activities enriched my skill. The course provided me confidence to encounter a diverse profile and enhance my business communication and technical skills.

Amrutha.S (2015-18 batch),

Tax Analyst, KPMG Canada

Saintgits College of Applied Sciences has given me an astonishing platform for the overall growth and development.  Department of Corporate Economics provided me a great exposure  in organizing different activities and seminars and helped in deciding my future field. I am very thankful to all the faculty  who are very much supportive and helpful because of whom now I am placed as Economic Analyst in KPMG. Thank You Saintgits.


Developer, TCS

I can positively say Saintgits has made me a better person. It has helped me develop a positive attitude towards my studies and discover more about myself.