Governing board and advisory board

 HG Joseph

HG Joseph, Mar Gregorios

Saintgits Group of Institutions strives to educate and train students for overall leadership in industry, research, and in all spheres of life through career-oriented courses and mentoring programs. This is possible as our founders comprise of well-respected educationalists, technocrats and reputed professionals. Saintgits is a globally renowned educational institution offering high-quality education, known for its experienced faculty, rigorous research culture, academic freedom to pursue cutting edge technology applications with a strong focus on making our youth ready for promising careers.

Saintgits offers an inclusive environment with emphasis on active mentoring program and collaboration between faculty and students for the holistic development of the students. Saintgits aims to provide a value system, in which every student gives their best and behaves ethically. Saintgits’ curriculum and mentoring program are perfectly aligned with the needs of the industry. We ensure that our students are employable and attract good placements. The Saintgits Institute is committed to moulding employable youth who are personally and professionally successful and can bring about exemplary changes in the modern world.

This Saintgits Group of Institutions hopes to facilitate all those who seek to use knowledge and professionalism to secure a better future. Saintgits helps students to develop their personality, take advantage of multiple forums available and meet their demands of self-discipline and diligence that are demanded of becoming a good professional. At Saintgits Group of Institutions, we try to nurture the young minds, help them to enrich their knowledge, and train them for real-life experiences. We prepare them to face challenges in the future and encourage students to expose their hidden talents with a view to making them competent and confident to suit any corporate environment.

 Punnoose George

Er. Punnoose George

Saintgits, ever since its inception in 2002, has relentlessly pursued to impart world-class education and training to the student fraternity, in order to enhance their academic excellence and professional competency. Saintgits Group of Institutions was established with the aim of providing quality higher education, on par with international standards. We persistently seek and adopt innovative methods to improve the quality of higher education on a consistent basis. The campus has a cosmopolitan atmosphere with students from all corners of the globe.

We nurture the distinctive greatness of our students with world-class education and well-structured active mentoring programme. We believe that personal mentoring is the anchor that keeps the students competent enough, to take decisions at the right time. Each faculty member at Saintgits is assigned a fixed number of students – which ensure utmost care and attention to the individual. In addition, orientation programs, industrial trips etc bring students closer to their mentor.

Teaching and research apart, Saintgits’ faculty is actively involved in counselling and career guidance. With scientifically planned teaching methodology combined with a team of handpicked faculty – the best in the teaching profession and the state-of-the-art infrastructure, the quality of technical education at Saintgits is unique in all aspects. Saintgits Group of Institutions is supported by a team of dedicated and eminent staff members, teaching and non-teaching, who wholeheartedly endeavour to enlighten the minds of the student fraternity and enhance the potential in each student. Saintgits always has a desire for quality, which is evident from the qualifications and academic contributions of our faculty, placement records, equipment in our laboratories, library and computing facilities, teaching methodology, and the academic level of Saintgits students.

Saintgits is a strong believer in an educational process that promotes creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship while providing the students with strong fundamentals. The institution has entered into a partnership with various industries and organizations to make the student community professionally efficient and highly competitive in diverse fields of Engineering, Management, and Information Technology. Saintgits offers 7 NBA accredited courses and is AICTE approved. Saintgits has an active campus with thought leaders from India and overseas visiting frequently. Our focus is on moulding academically, morally, ethically and professionally true citizens who can contribute positively in the process of nation-building.

Our students at Saintgits have excellent placement opportunities and are employed at leading companies in India and abroad. We have Alumni chapters in several countries and our Alumni have brought us glory in the past as well as recent years by serving in key positions The Institute fosters life long relationship with its alumni and encourages them to contribute their time, talent and experiences for the betterment of current students. Though we have earned a place among one of the best rated Institute in Kerala over these years, here ensure that the students are constantly familiarized to the dynamics of change so that they become future leaders of business.

 Oommen Varghese

Er. Oommen Varghese

Saintgits was established in 2002, by a group of eminent and experienced academicians who are pioneering educators with an enterprising belief that continuous pursuit of knowledge is the sole path to success. For nearly two decades Saintgits Group of Institutions located in Kottayam, Kerala, has been engaged in nurturing minds through a rich heritage of academic excellence. The teaching-learning process at Saintgits is characterized by systematic methodology, dedicated and dynamic faculty and essential facilities. Mentoring program at Saintgits helps develop each of the talented student’s overall personality and competence, in addition to monitoring and supporting academic performance. This unique mentoring process at Saintgits is customized for each student to ensure that their personality is developed to achieve their goals. Personal mentoring together with Industrial training nurture a student’s leadership abilities and responsibilities to perform or execute the given tasks.

Saintgits with its breath-taking ambiance, state-of-the-art infrastructure, industry savvy leaders, dynamic students, application-oriented education and research tie-ups with industries is certainly the place to pursue scholastic goals. Essentially a hub of bustling student activities, the beautiful campus has been a second home to thousands of Saintgits students in their journey to challenge the times. Today Saintgits Group of Institutions is one of the pivotal pillars in the arena of technical education in Kerala, India. The vibrant campus has an excellent infrastructure which includes well-equipped and updated laboratories, a modern library with a rich collection of books, well-furnished classrooms, auditoriums, hostels and subsidized canteens, transportation facilities and Wi-Fi connectivity. The Saintgits campus has excellent hostel facilities and hangout zones. Campus life is undoubtedly the most cherished memory for a student and Saintgits ensures that discipline is properly coupled with more than adequate share of fun and excitement. Saintgits students share an open and transparent bond with the faculty and everybody puts in their very best to make the Saintgits Institute a great place to live and learn.

Saintgits has moved beyond the fulfilment of a scholastic promise to re-defining education in the new age through the creation of aptitude and comprehensive intelligence. The role of technology in education has been established beyond doubt and Saintgits has always remained at the forefront of providing the best technology and knowledge infrastructure to its students through its labs and tie-ups. The founding team at Saintgits has great vision, commitment, perseverance, dedication and devotion who pioneered revolutionary and innovative thoughts to revamp technical and professional education in the private sector.

Er. K. George 
Vice President
Director – Kottukulam Engineers (Pvt) Ltd

Er. Joseph Varghese

Er. Sinu Philip

Er. Shibu Punnen

Dr. K. Jacob

Mrs. Anju Elizabeth Cherian

Mrs. Mini Susan John

Er. Baisil Varghese Oommen 

Dr. Susan Oommen Varghese

Advisory Board

Er. V. K. Mathews

Er. Philip Logan

Dr. N. Babu

Dr. K. P. P. Pillai
Project Advisor