Saintgits Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship

Saintgits Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (SCIE) wishes to foster innovation driven entrepreneurship among the faculty and students of Saintgits Group of Professional Institutions through mentoring and training. This inter-disciplinary centre provides assistance to innovators, entrepreneurs, and researchers to launch new products and commercialize new technologies. The stakeholders include faculty, alumni and students of Saintgits, mentors, entrepreneurs from the local community in which Saintgits is embedded with and service providers from the industry who span a variety of functional areas, sectoral domains and geographies and are passionately committed to helping disruptive innovations and aspiring entrepreneurs succeed commercially.

Innovation & Entrepreneurship Short Term Training Programme [IE STTP] is a programme offered by SCIE. Students who complete the IE STTP will have developed knowledge and skills in the following areas:

  • Observation Skill and Idea Generation Skill
  • Strategies and methods to engage in rigorous iterations to identify and deeply understand societal needs/problems and develop robust scalable solutions
  • Developing a product rather than a project
  • Developing practically feasible Business Plan
  • Market Study and Branding of Product
  • Intellectual Property Rights