Alumni Association

The institution has a registered Alumni Association that is active and facilitates an amicable relationship between former students and their alma mater through frequent interactions. The alumni association of the college is registered under Travancore- Cochin Literary, Scientific and Charitable Societies, Registration Act 1955. The association conducts activities by following the objectives and rules and regulations specified in the bye- law. Besides this each department also has its own alumni forum. The association is taking abiding interest in the work and progress of the institute.

The current alumni strength of the college is 3301 from 5 UG programs and 1 PG program.

Alumni Support services 

The college regularly organises programmes with the help of former students in order to benefit the students studying in the college.

  • Alumni Interaction Programmes (AIP)

All departments regularly organise Alumni Interaction Programmes (AIP) featuring well placed alumni to provide career guidance to the current students. These programs orient the students regarding the expectations of the industry in terms of skills, qualifications, opportunities, etiquettes etc.

  • Financial Support

All final year students of the college pay an alumni fee which is utilised for the development of the college especially infrastructure and other utilities. Apart from this the alumni of various departments support the events organised by them such as charity initiatives and competitions.

  • Membership in committees

Alumni representatives who are members of committees like the IQAC plays an active role in advising the institution regarding matters such as add on courses, skills development, employability skills etc.

  • Participation in events organised in the college

The alumni also serve as judges and resource persons in our intercollegiate fest, arts fest, cultural fest and other student empowerment activities. They invite and inform our students to the events conducted in the colleges where they pursue higher studies and establish cordial relationship with their juniors.

  • Alumni meetings

Alumni meet is conducted once in a year usually in the month of December or January of every academic year. This event provides an opportunity for the alumni to interact with their batch mates and the staff of the institution. As part of organising alumni chapters in different parts of the world, an alumni meet of the former students working in UAE was organised on7th February 2020. Forty-two former students of the college participated in the alumni meet conducted there.

The institution values its alumni as our brand ambassadors and takes efforts to keep in touch with them. Alumni WhatsApp groups are maintained by all departments and they are utilised to keep the Alumni updated about all important events happening in the institution and to utilise their expertise for the betterment of the current students. Departments also track the status of its alumni on a regular basis.  The faculty are also regularly invited to the important family functions of alumni such as marriages. They also visit alumni homes in case of deaths in their family. To sum up, the Alumni Association is a pillar of strength for the college.