Skill Development

Soft Skills

Soft skills refers to personal attributes that enable people to interact effectively and harmoniously with other people. This skill can highly influence how well an individual interacts with each other. A college is a training ground to develop various skills and attributes both academic and personal. Constant efforts are taken by the college to improve such interpersonal and soft skill attributes which ensures the overall development of students. Diverse qualities such as teamwork, time management, delegations etc.  incorporated well in the day to day academic program while all students are individually assessed to ensure that no one student is left behind. The students are put into different groups for various classroom interactive sessions and group projects to build better interactions and teamwork mentality between them. A strong sense of personal confidence and trust is transpired into individual students so that they stand out from the crowd while also staying grounded to their roots through the individual development of empathy in them. This has helped students to prosper after their graduation in different fields they are in and primarily helped the most during their placement.

ICT / Computer Training

Advancements in the world of information technology and computer science has shifted the way the world works. Today most of the processes worldwide are done with full or partial assistance of computers. Computers are an essential necessity in today’s world. To have better career prospects and to keep up with the ever changing world, one has to have basic or essential training in computers. Basic training of computer hardware and software are cohesively mixed in the syllabus to ensure that sufficient knowledge is provided to the students which are very important and beneficial for them. Computer assisted classroom teaching and training also helps the students to be more familiar with computers and reduces unfamiliarity and anxiousness. This has had great influence in the career growth of students who graduated from the college and very importantly in the placement process of the students.

Language and Communication Skills

Communicating and expressing oneself is an absolute necessary need for any human being. At many instance, communication  hinders information gaps and lack of language expertise. Bridging this gap and providing language expertise is amajor priority of  the college. This is achieved by incorporating programs enhancing language and communication skills in the academic syllabus and day to day interactions. The college provides BEC (Business English Certificate), an English language certificate program from the University of Cambridge. BEC dives into the different aspects of business communication which  has helped the students understand the importance of good communication and the formality of a business environment. The college also has a state of the art language laboratory which enables students to refine their pronunciation, speaking and listening skills.

Life Skills

In order to support its vision of imparting holistic development, the colleges aims at enhancing various aspects of personality such as problem solving, personality building, critical thinking, moral and ethical values etc. This is achieved through various training programs, competitions and activities organized by various clubs. These events provide students with opportunities to build leadership/team working skills and develop other crucial competencies. Thus academic excellence is complemented with life skills to mold successful and responsible individuals.