Business English Certificate(BEC) Course

The Business English Certificate (BEC) course opens the door to better career prospects and a better future. In an increasingly connected economy, students must acquire qualifications that are recognized all around the world. BEC provides necessary practical writing, reading, speaking and listening skills for people who will need English in a business environment. It is recognized by all multinational companies and also paves the way to higher education overseas.

BEC has three stages: Preliminary, Vantage and Higher, corresponding to Council of Europe levels B1, B2 and C1 levels respectively, and the Association of Language Testers in Europe (ALTE) Levels Two, Three and Four. For employers, BEC provides evidence that certificate-holders have the required English language ability and offers the added assurance that they are able to use their skills in a business context. The certificate course is designed for students who want to improve their academic English language skills which will be an added advantage when working in multinational companies.