About Us

An undergraduate course affiliated to M G University. It is a 3-year duration course divided into six semesters.  The Psychology Course aims to mould the candidates with a basic understanding of the human brain, neural networks, and emotions. BSc Psychology subjects include Neurophysiology of behaviour, its biological base, basic cognitive processes, social interactions, human behaviour,  Nervous System, Memory, Endocrine System, Culture and Human Development, Emotional and Social Development, etc. embed with theoretical and practical knowledge. Candidates who have graduated B.Sc. Psychology course can work as psychological therapists in hospitals, child guidance centres and also in industrial bodies. Since mental related issues like stress and depression are increasing, B.Sc Psychology has tremendous career opportunities.

As far as  Saintgits College of Applied Sciences, we are fully committed to offering this course to suit the interest of the academic and industry.


The Department of Psychology is committed to the exploration of knowledge about behaviour, mind and brain, giving importance to the practical aspect of Psychology.


  • To contribute societal understanding of Psychology and its practical implications in education.
  • To provide an enriching learning environment for building counselling and psychotherapy skills for the betterment of students.