The National Institute of Personnel Management (NIPM) stands as a prominent professional organization in India, committed to advancing human resources management principles and standards across both public and private sectors. Collaborating with the NIPM Student Chapter (Kottayam group), the department facilitates the involvement of seasoned professionals and industry experts in delivering talks and workshops covering various facets of industrial relations and HR career mapping. NIPM has taken the initiative to organize industrial visits, offering invaluable opportunities for professionals to gain practical insights into various industries.  The Department of Business Administration and NIPM Kottayam Group successfully organized “SUITS,” a comprehensive event designed to identify and nurture future HR professionals among students. With an active NIPM membership of 169 BBA students from Saintgits College of Applied Sciences, a significant opportunity exists to cultivate a dynamic and supportive professional community. Through collaboration, knowledge sharing, and talent development, students can collectively contribute to advancing HR practices and fostering success, benefiting both individuals and the institution.

The Department of Business Administration, in collaboration with the NIPM Student Chapter, Kottayam and IQAC, hosted an enlightening session titled “HR Career Mapping: An Expert Talk” featuring Mr. Cyriac Patani, the esteemed General Manager (Circulation) at Malayala Manorama, Kottayam on 14th February 2024

The NIPM Student Chapter of the Department of Business Administration at Saintgits College of Applied Sciences, in collaboration with the Internal Quality Assurance Cell (IQAC) and NIPM Kottayam Group, successfully organized SUITS Season 2, a comprehensive event aimed at discovering and nurturing the future HR professionals. The event was conducted on October 11th and 12th, 2023, and saw the enthusiastic participation of 23 teams from various institutions under the Saintgits Group of Institutions.

On July 11th, 2023, the Department of Business Administration’s NIPM Student Chapter at Saintgits College of Applied Sciences organized an event for the distribution of NIPM membership certificates and a talk with Mr. C P Simon, a labour welfare and industrial relations expert. The purpose of the event was to provide students with practical insights into Human Resource Management.

NIPM the short form of the National Institute of Personnel Management, is now the only all-India body of professional managers engaged in the profession of personnel management, industrial relations, labour welfare, training and HRD in the country.

In 2022, Saintgits College of Applied Sciences, established a Student Chapter of the NIPM. The college acquired institutional membership and student membership for the batches 2021-2024 & 2022-2025 The student membership is valid for a period of two years. The student chapter initially  consisted of 57 students, with 6 students as office bearers and one faculty. For the benefit of members, the chapter organises knowledge sharing session, conduct industrial visits, sponsors management games and so on.

Inauguration of NIPM student chapter on 28th February 2022
Winners of SUITS 101