Best Practices -2

Best Practice II

Title of the Practice

Youth Enrichment through Holistic Development

Objective of the practice

  • Identify and nurture talents in students beyond academics
  • Mold students as confident individuals capable of facing challenges
  • Provide exposure beyond the campus to exhibit and polish talents

The Context

The vision and mission of the institutions aims at holistic development of students. They are as follows:


Holistic development of the youth to attain ‘Learning for Life’.


Impart quality higher education to equip and empower the youth with lifelong learning skills by inculcating a spirit of enquiry, integrity and compassion.

Survival in the competitive arena requires not only academic brilliance, but also skills, confidence and personality to overcome challenges at every phase of life. The institution understands the scenario, designs and practices various programs in order to complement the curriculum and attain holistic development. These include mentoring, conduct of various activities through clubs, department associations, student chapters, participation in intercollegiate festivals, Talents day etc.

The Practice

At the beginning of every academic year duties are entrusted to faculty by the Principal in consultation with the management. Faculties are assigned duties of managing clubs, associations, student chapters etc. Student representatives and faculty prepare a plan about the various programs that may be organized in that academic year.

Mentors for each class are also assigned with each faculty monitoring the progress of 25-28 students. The mentors regularly interact with their mentees through group and individual mentoring sessions. Talents of mentees are identified and the mentors take the initiative to provide them with opportunity to discover/polish their talents. Care is taken to incorporate  additional activities  into the curriculum every month to ensure enrichment.

Evidence of success

  • Association activities and participation in inter collegiate fest enabled students to win prizes and overall championships consistently.
  • Observation of important days by various clubs and associations has made

 students more socially responsible citizens.

  • Various clubs like HeForShe, YETS, UNAI, MUN created awareness among the students about the culturally sensitive issues.
  •  Literary activities of the clubs encouraged creativity in students.
  • Programs organized by the Student chapters sensitized students about the requirements of the industry and promoted entrepreneurship
  • Talents Day gives a platform to students to exhibit their various talents which in turn improves their personality.
  • Trivia Saturday Quiz enhanced the knowledge domain of the students.
  • Activities organized by NSS, UBA and NYKS has improved societal commitment among students.

Problems encountered and resources required

  • It is difficult to incorporate club/association activities into the regular curriculum
  • Finding funding for various events can be challenging
  • Mentoring becomes difficult when certain students are unwilling to open up

Poster of Anti- Poverty Day celebration
GST awareness session taken for higher secondary students
Junior Gits Blitz
Tech Meridian
Gits Blitz 12.0
Hour of Code at Mar Baselios Public School
Women Empowerment Program
Digital Marketing Sessions
Session on Rainwater Harvesting
Students attending training session
Arthavicharana competition
Study Tour
Orphanage visit
Brochure of World environment day
Students taking part in Mime
Drug Awareness session
Sammanapothi event
Newspaper clipping about the event
A talk on machine learning
Neural Networks and soft computing Techniques