Student Satisfaction Survey

Report of Student Satisfaction Survey 2019-20

The Student Satisfaction Survey 2019-20 primarily focuses on teaching-learning evaluation and other general aspects regarding the college and the facilities offered. The students’ responses were collected and analyzed based on the questions designed by IQAC of the college. The survey aimed at collecting the opinion of students on curriculum, completion of syllabus, preparedness of the teachers, attitude of staff, transparency and fairness in internal evaluations, placement support, curricular and extra-curricular activities and overall impression.

Respondents were chosen randomly from the students of each class at UG and PG level. In total, 200 students participated in the survey. The survey was divided into two sections: I) Teaching – learning II) General Aspects.

The response received was as follows:

Teaching learning:

Most of the students were highly satisfied with the syllabus coverage and discussion. Fifty percent of the students rated the teacher’s knowledge as excellent and thirty-seven percent were of the opinion that it was very good. Students felt that teachers are mostly fair in the process of internal evaluation. The teaching and mentoring process of the college is making a fair contribution to the cognitive, emotional and social growth of the students. Teachers illustrate concepts through examples and applications most of the time. Eighty-eight percent of the students acknowledged the use of student centric methods in teaching. Most of the students are aware of the expected competencies, course outcomes and program outcomes. Students are also satisfied with the efforts taken by the institution to promote internship, projects and online courses. Eighty-seven percent of the student have agreed that the add on courses provided by the college enrich the curriculum effectively. Most of the students feel that the college is taking effective measures to improve their employability through grooming sessions on life skills, soft skills etc. Eighty- three percent of the students acknowledge the use of ICT methods by faculty. To conclude, over ninety percent of the students have expressed satisfaction in the teaching learning process.

General Aspects

With regards to the facilities offered such as infrastructure and learning resources, most of the students have expressed high satisfaction. The students also agree that the institution makes efforts to inculcate social responsibility, moral values and environmental consciousness. Over ninety percent of the students are happy with the encouragement given by the college to participate in extracurricular activities. Support received from administrative and library staff were also considered to be adequate.

The analysis of responses received for each question is as follows:


 To conclude, students have expressed high satisfaction in the teaching learning environment provided in the college and the support rendered by the staff of the college. Support systems such as classrooms, library, labs etc. also were considered adequate. The institution is making an effective contribution towards the holistic development of the students.