Institutional Distinctiveness: Alumni Interaction Module (AIM)

  • About the college

Saintgits College of Applied Sciences, founded in 2004, is a new generation Arts and Science college. Since its inception, it has maintained excellent standards in both academics and extracurricular activities. The institute has set a standard in graduate studies by combining a scientifically designed teaching techniques with some of the brightest and most experienced teachers and cutting-edge facilities. In addition to the curriculum, the institution is always concerned with the holistic development of the young. This organisation is well-known for providing campus placement and ensuring further education at prestigious national and international universities / institutes.

The institution’s mission statement calls for the development of leadership skills while aspiring the benefit of society via excellence in science, the arts, and technology. By incorporating traits like honesty, delegation, confidence, dedication, optimism, creativity, and persistence, the institution continually inspires the students by offering a platform for their social and mental growth. The institution’s ability to motivate its pupils to pursue knowledge, moral principles, and social duty has never wavered.

  • Alumni

Almost …. students have graduated and left the doors of this college since 2004. Alumni cherishes vivid memories of their time at the institution. The staff of the college takes meticulous care in maintaining a healthy relationship with its alumni. Their progression is systematically tracked. The faculty regularly attend important family functions of the alumni such as engagements, weddings, death of near ones etc.

The registered Alumni Association of the college is pivotal in maintaining a constant connect between the college and alumni. Our aim is to promote and encourage alumni engagement and commitment towards the institution. The alumni association of college is working to develop a global network by bringing all of our alumni together in one platform. The college conducts alumni meetings on a regular basis every year. It has also now initiated alumni meeting abroad in locations such as Dubai and Canada. These meetings provides an opportunity for the alumni to be in contact with their alma mater.

  • Alumni Interaction Module

Over the years, our alumni has been placed in reputed companies like TCS, Infosys, Wipro, UST Global, Deloitte, Cognizant, Federal Bank, South Indian Bank, LTI Mindtree, Accenture, ESAF, KPMG, Hexaware, Investment, Orion Innovation etc. The knowledge gained by the alumni through their work experience in these companies were shared by them through Alumni  Interaction Modules (AIM) with the current students.


All departments have regularly conducted AIM to provide exposure to their students regarding

the following :

  • Current trends in the industry
  • Job opportunities
  • Qualifications required for specific jobs
  • Skill sets required for each job
  • Institutions providing specialised courses

The practice

All the departments of the institution have taken conscious efforts to exploit their alumni through the conduct of AIM. Alumni placed in reputed organisations/Entrepreneurs are identified through updation of progression by the concerned faculty-in-charge and HOD. They are then contacted and a convenient date is scheduled for the interaction. The topic for the interaction is finalised based on their area of expertise and the benefit to the students. The interaction takes place in the college in a formal or informal manner based on the preference of the alumni and students. The interaction is followed by Q& A session which provides an opportunity for the students to clarify their doubts. These gatherings are intended to be intimate networking opportunities that provide students a chance to ask their most urgent concerns about a particular career sector.

The interactive sessions with the alumni have given student an insight into different realms of careers. Alumni of the BCA department gave insights about the latest tools and programmes in the IT field. The sessions in B.Com department gave an opportunity to their students to understand the scope of CA, ACCA, job opportunities in banks etc through alumni interaction. The alumni of the Department of Business Administration enlightened on how to crack competitive exams and excel in various careers. Knowledge about stock exchange and higher studies opportunities were the theme of alumni interactions in BA .


  • Empowerment of current students through the exposure gained from AIM
  • Foster entrepreneurship and innovative thinking among students
  • Increase employment opportunities of students through interactions with alumni working in reputable organisation
  • Promote knowledge sharing in relevant area
  • Provide apt career guidance
  • Allow the alumni to stay in touch with the students, teachers, and staff of their alma mater
  • Provides opportunities for the alumni to participate in the activities of the college and thereby contribute to the upliftment of the institution
  • Offer opportunities for the faculty to be updated about trends in their area of specialisations
  • Aid faculty in identifying gaps in the curriculum and rectify them through Value Added Courses


In today’s competitive scenario, building an active and loyal alumni network is crucial to an institution’s success. Alumni of the college has played an emphatic role in establishment of the institution’s reputation/ brand through word-of-mouth. Many alumni have shown the faith in the institution by taking admission for their siblings and close of kin at SCAS. The institution also relies on them to offer mentorship and thus aid the faculty in moulding the current students to meet the requirements of the job industry. As a result, both the institution and the alumni recognise the value of alumni association and benefit from them.