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Student Development Cell (SDC)

Student life provides each student with opportunities in individual development through quality services and programs focused on their wants.  It is our objective to support students in making connections between learning (inside the classroom) and practical (outside the classroom) experience. Laboratory work, residential education, community service, internships, study away, campus work study, field trips, campus activities, participation in technical and co-curricular events, independent study, exposition of their creativity and innovation etc. are all useful tools that students can use to make open-minded learning relevant and practical. We believe that such “connecting” activities are particularly important for today’s students who will become tomorrow’s leaders. These connections and engagements promote a knowledge- based community of success and perseverance.

Students are the most vital partners in their own learning. However, the contribution of faculty members and supporting staff to achieve the said goal of students cannot be dispensed with. Even though it is the responsibility of entire staff (both teaching and technical) to motivate the students to take part in student development activities beyond class rooms, it is felt the need to coordinate the activities properly and systemically such that students can be facilitated to involve in such activities without adversely affecting their academics. Students are supposed to be open to new ideas and we, as a department, need to allow them to be learners. Although it is an ongoing concern and challenge to find common grounds for a compromise between ‘academics’ and ‘student development affairs’, especially in an affiliated system, both the activities should be in place not mutually discounting the other, achieving optimum meaningful outcome in the respective fields.

Staff advisors or student mentors are the appropriate centers of responsibility to guide their students to facilitate them to dig out their own aptitudes enabling them to showcase their capacity and creativity. Support mechanisms for this have to be evolved at institutional level for effective implementation of the student development activities by the student mentors advocating and practicing GENUINE CARE bringing about quantifiable positive OUTCOME. Student development coordinator is the central point of contact who can coordinate the mentors for student development activities by conducting effective official and unofficial discussions  & deliberations enabling him to submit a monthly report on student development activities, categorized staff advisor-wise for better follow up and streamlining at higher levels. 

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