B. Tech. Food Technology


The Department of Food Technology was started in the year 2017 with the goal of creating industry-ready professionals with the right set of skills to work in Food Processing, Preservation, Safety, Quality Control and Analysis sectors. The Food Industry in the country looks forward to rapid growth with a change in socio-economic environment and food consumption pattern of the prospering population in general and of the youth in particular. Indian Food Processing industry is growing at a high rate per annum as compared to the total industrial growth in the country. A study conducted by Institute of Applied Manpower Research (IAMR) predicts that there is a wide skill gap at various levels in the food sector touching around 35 million by 2017. Thus, food industries are going to be major recruiters in the coming future.

What Saintgits Has To Offer?

  • Equip you the right skill set to face the challenges in the food industry sector
  • Participation in Government and Industry sponsored Projects
  • Continuous Mentoring and Support
  • Tailor-Made Add-on Courses to meet industry needs
  • Membership to Professional bodies such as AFST(i) 
  • Develop entrepreneurial skills 

Career Opportunities for Food Technologists

  • Food Scientist
  • Food Safety Officer
  • Product/process development scientist
  • Quality Control Officer
  • Food Analyst
  • Scientific laboratory technician
  • Technical brewer
  • Food Toxicologist
  • Food Business Operator

Thrust Research Areas

  • Safe and Convenient food
  • Food Waste Management
  • Food Spoilage Organisms
  • Food Packaging
  • Design and Development of Novel Products


Memorandum of Understanding with HT Foods Pvt Ltd, CSEZ, Kochi.


To be a prime academic institution in the areas of food technology, entrepreneurship and management.


Generate and upgrade the scientific knowledge in the area of food  conservation and utilization, To undertake transfer of technology, consultancy and analytical services for raw and processed food & To offer continual education in food technology and be updated on global trends in food research and technology by consultation with the stakeholders.

HOD’s desk

Welcome to the Department of Food Technology at Saintgits College of Engineering. The Department, which was established in the year 2017, envisions continual education and research in the field of Food Technology. 

In spite of our advancement in the field of food research and technology, starvation still prevails in major parts of our country.  On the other hand, the problem of metabolic disorders as well as obesity is common making the new generation lethargic. The challenges from natural disasters and calamities and the need to meet the demands of society are the other major threats that food scientists and engineers are facing globally. Another point to be noted is that our country was always forced to import processed foods which were made out of the raw materials which we exported due to lack of proper technology as well as expertise for processing it in our own country. This situation greatly affected the socio-economic scenario of the country, especially of Kerala, which is rich in various agricultural products, especially cash crops and raw materials for different food products. In recent times, with the help of information technology, awareness and expectations about the quality requirements in the hygiene and safety perspective of whatever we consume, has created many job opportunities in the Food production and Food Handling sectors.  But there is a lack of suitable academic institutions and R&D organizations with appropriate research facilities and academic programs to meet these new requirements. 

Since the last decade, based on all these aforementioned considerations, Government of Kerala as well as India has come forward with great revolutionary acts for empowering the field of Food Processing and Food Technology which is the real need of the century. As a result, the discipline of Food Technology has reached a rapid flourishing phase with immense growth potential and unique contribution to the development of our nation. 

Keeping these in focus, our B. Tech. Food Technology curriculum is explicitly designed with specific courses and laboratory sessions, covering a range of disciplines like Post Harvest Technology, Food Process Engineering, Engineering Properties of Food materials, Food Product Development, Equipment designing, Food Plant Layout, Food Packaging, Food Analysis and Food Safety Management. For managing this, our Department is operational with most modern sophisticated equipments and facilities under the guidance of resource persons from various disciplines under Food Technology. Under the guidance of the University, our course curriculum will be reviewed and customized periodically as per the needs of sector. Other than just training the graduates with knowledge of basic engineering applicable to the food industry, the department as a training partner with FSSAI, offers courses outside the curriculum, making our candidates a perfect fit to the various job opportunities. The research side of the department is also strong with the help of awarded research funding as well as MoU’s made with prime Industrial Sectors and Universities. 

I hope, you all will have a productive and ever cherishing experience at our department. Wishing you all the best.

Dr. Girilal M.

Head, Department of Food Technology


Dr Girilal M
Department of Food Technology
Ph: +91 9446778138
email: hodft@saintgits.org