Mission and Core values

To become a globally recognised dynamic institution fostering excellence in education, research and innovation leading to a sustainable and progressive society, while upholding a value system with trust and empowerment at all levels.

Core values

Our actions are always ethical and consistent with our promises and stated intentions. We hold ourselves accountable for our actions and conduct.

We firmly believe in the innate greatness of each student and we strive to ensure that we empower them to realize their potential.

We hold ourselves to the highest standards of academic excellence and ethical conduct. We keep our courses updated with latest advances in knowledge.

We treat each other as human beings first. We resolve issues and conflicts within an ethical framework based on compassion

Taking Ownership
Each of us takes ownership to improve society and the environment, contribute to nation building, and enable Saintgits to evolve into one of the best career-focused educational institutions globally.

Every individual associated with our organization matters and should be accorded due respect.


  • Transform adults into professionals capable of augmenting positive change
  • Inculcate confidence and commitment by ensuring holistic development
  • Create an ecosystem that foster advances in technology, research and innovation