B. Tech. Robotics and Automation


What do Robotics and automation Engineers do?

Robotics Engineers design and develop Robots, and provide mechanical and software solutions for automating tasks that are inefficient or difficult for humans to perform.

  • Design and develop Robotic solutions.
  • Automate processes to improve efficiency.
  • Research on innovative robotics technology.
  • Develop new ways to integrate automation into everyday life.
  • Develop AI systems and algorithms.

Where do Robotics and Automation Engineers Work?

  • Robotics companies
  • AI industry
  • Startups
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Transportation and logistics
  • Defense and military companies
  • Aerospace and space research industries


To be a model for academic excellence with international outlook in the realm of Electronics & Allied Engineering.


Impart analytical and technical skills in young minds to fortify the process of learning. Equip them with state of the art technologies to meet growing challenges of the industry & have a successful career upholding ethical value.

HOD’s desk

Welcome to the department of Electronics Engineering, Saint Gits College of Engineering, Kottayam. Founded in 2002, our department is one of the three founding departments which offers two undergraduate programmes – B.Tech in Electronics and Communication since 2002 and B.Tech in Robotics and Automation since 2019 and three Post Graduate programmes – M.Tech in VLSI and Embedded Systems since 2010, M.Tech in Telecommunication Engineering and M.Tech in Robotics and Automation since 2017.

Robotics and Automation Engineering has rapidly gained momentum owing to the increasing demand for Robotics and Automation Engineers. Robotics is an interdisciplinary branch of Engineering and Science that includes Mechanical Engineering, Electronics Engineering, Information Engineering, Computer Science, Artificial Intelligence and others. The Robotics and Automation Engineering Sector is growing at a rapid pace and promises to be one of the next biggest fields due to the rapid growth in the manufacturing sector.

The opportunities are enormous in the field of Robotics and Automation Engineering in both government and private sectors. Robots are utilized in different fields such as military, nuclear power plants, agricultural, healthcare and more. We the faculty at Saintgits College of Engineering will enable the young professional with relevant degree in Robotics and Automation Engineering to choose to work in these industries and fulfil your dream.

All the subjects of this programme will be handled by our expert faculty members in the areas of Mechanical, Electronics, Robotics and Machine learning. The department has robust tie-ups with leading firms in order to provide a platform for students to be exposed to the latest trends in the field of Robotics and Automation.

I certainly believe that all our efforts will produce fruitful results. Our future engineers will lead the science and technology of Robotics and Automation to serve the nation in a better way. 

I look forward to leading you to lead us to the future. 

Best Wishes !

Dr. Sreekala K S