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Recent Research- Acquisition Motives of Indian Companies: Analysis Based on Industry and Age

An analysis of the acquisition motives of Indian companies revealed a number of reasons such as synergy, geographical expansion, expansion of product line, increasing market share, vertical integration, diversification, and consolidation of holdings. Synergy was the most important motive for acquisition during the study period. It was also found that the type of industry of the acquirer influenced the motives for acquisition. The age of the acquiring company was not found to influence the motives of acquisitions.

Major Areas of research

  • Finance
  • Marketing
  • Human Resource Management
  • Operations
  • Systems and IT
  • Business Analytics

Research topics by Faculty member

Dr. Roji George 

Family Business

Corporate Finance, Banking

Dr. Jose Joy Thoppan

Securities Markets


Corporate Finance, Development Finance

Financial Inclusion and Micro Finance

Dr. Elgin Alexander

Loyalty management, Brand Management

Cognitive dissonance, Employee engagement

Emotional Intelligence and Work Values

Latha K.

Marketing Management, Services Marketing

Human Resources Management

Industrial Relations Entrepreneurship

Women Empowerment, Digitalization of SMEs

Elizabeth Dominic

Organizational Citizenship Behaviour

Positive Psychology

Personality, Perception, Leadership

Silbert Jose S V

Human Resources – Training and Development, Compensation and Benefits
Organizational Leadership

Marketing – Consumer Behaviour and Branding Strategy, Digital and Social Media Marketing, Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality Services

Jinomol P

Financial statement analysis

Mergers and acquisitions

Working capital management and Financial accounting

Cyriac Jose

Digital and Social Media Marketing

Sreya R

Consumer Behaviour, Services Marketing

Organisational Behaviour

Mobile and E-commerce, Social media marketing

Hena M

Global Value Chains, Sustainability

Rural and Agricultural Marketing

Consumer Behaviour

Vineetha Prakash

Work-life Balance, Employee well-being

Organizational Culture & Climate

Future of Workplaces, Employee Engagement

Shino Abraham

Integrated Marketing Communication

Rural Marketing, Services Marketing

Happiness, Managerial skills

Non-verbal communication

Cross cultural communication

Sumina Susan Kochitty

Human Resource Management

Organizational Behaviour

Communication, Family Business

Rincy Antony

Service Operations

Services Marketing

Supply Chain and Logistics Management

Ashish K Nainan

Capital Market

Insolvency and Bankruptcy

Mergers and Acquisition

Behavioural Finance, Public Finance

Bilin Baby Elizabethu

Securities Markets

Accounting Standards

Financial Inclusion and Micro Finance

Anu Kurian

Total Quality Management

E-Service quality

Consumer behaviour and Relationship marketing 

Catherine Rachel Jacob

Monetary Policy Framework

Impossible Trinity, Price Inflation


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Dean PG & Research

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