Food Technology

Recent Research- Microbial fuel cells

 A microbial fuel cell converts chemical energy into electrical energy with help of microorganisms. Food waste has the potential to generate electricity under controlled conditions. An investigation has carried out to determine the efficiency of electricity generation from food waste, specifically rice water. The experimental setup consists of an anode and cathode chamber separated by a semi-permeable membrane.  Copper and zinc were selected as electrodes for the study. Electrodes in the form of plates and wires have been used. Microbes in the anode compartment oxidize the organic matter and generate electrons and protons. Electrons thus produced will move towards the cathode chamber forming a circuit, and thus flow of electrons occurs. An electric potential of 2.4 V was obtained during the studies. Further studies have to be made to find the microbes involved in the process, potential food waste materials and suitable electrode combinations.

Major Areas of research

  • Food Science and Technology
  • Food Process Engineering
  • Food Safety and Quality Control
  • Food Product Development
  • By-product Utilization/Waste Management

Research topics by Faculty member

Dr. Lakshmi Mohan

Cancer Biology

Secondary Metabolites in Plants
Plastic degradation, Food Analysis

Dr. Elsa Cherian

By-product Utilization and Waste Management

Bioenergy Production, Food Product Development

Enzyme Production and applications using microbes

Daniel Paul P

Process Waste Value Addition

Extraction of Bioactive Components

Sony George

Food Powder Characterization
Spray Drying, Value Addition

Dr. Jobil J Arackal

Food Processing Technology

Statistical Modeling and Optimization

Nutraceuticals, Food Safety and Quality

Community Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition and Dietetics

Dr. Sithara Sureshchandran

State Diagram, Extraction of Bioactive Ingredients

Stability of Functional Components

Dr. Anju K A

Food Processing and Preservation

Dr. Girilal M

Food Safety and Quality Assurance

Food Microbiology, Toxicology

Bionanotechnology, Waste Management

Jayasree Joshi T

Storage Engineering, Drying Kinetics

Modelling of Food Process Systems

Process Equipment Design, Food Packaging


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