Mechanical Engineering

Recent Research- Terrain Dependent Vehicular Emission and Projected Removal of Soot and Black Carbon by Sustainable Green Drapes: A Theoretical Case Study of a Prominent Road Route to Saintgits

Longitudinal Contour Plot over SAINTGITS Amphitheatre

Atmospheric pollution is one of the major concerns that needs to be addressed on a war-footing basis. Though rapid urbanisation has improved the living standards, the exponential increase in vehicular traffic has directly contributed to a surge in the levels of suspended pollutants near the boundary layers.  The soot and black carbon that are spewed through the vehicular exhaust build up the atmospheric concentration of undesired particulate matter (PM2.5). In this research, we modelled the terrain-dependent vehicular emissions at a prominent road route from the heart of Kottayam (9.5916° N, 76.5222° E) to SAINTGITS Campus (9.5100° N, 76.5514° E).The projected rates of pollutants’ removal by green façade drapes, alongside the entire road route, were established to quantify the atmospheric cleansing competence through sustainable initiatives.  Furthermore, a comprehensive cost analysis for practical implementation was carried out to reveal the true essence of sustainable development.

Major Areas of research

  • Machine Design
  • Triology
  • Production and Manufacturing
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Energy in Built Structures

Research topics by Faculty member

Dr Jacob T Varghese
Mass and energy transfer in high rise green structures – including (a) the modelling and simulation of indoor thermal attributes using CFD and (b) acoustic analyses
Sustainable Engineering initiatives for /absorbing hazardous emissions from line sources (vehicular traffic)
Energy efficient Green structures and sustainable retrofits
Dr. Mathew M D
Mechanical Properties of Materials – tensile, fatigue, creep, toughness, fracture
Welding Metallurgy

Modelling of Strength of Materials using Artificial Neural Network
Development of High-Performance Materials using Nanoparticles
Dr Jason Cherian Issac
Structural Dynamics
Dr Cherian Paul
Processing and Characterization of Surface Composites
Development of Functionally Graded Materials
Dr. Chacko Preno Koshy
Nanotechnology: Synthesis and Characterization of Nanoparticles
Nanotribology: Nano-lubricants and Engine Tribology
Biomechanics: Statics and Dynamics of Exoskeleton
Dr Manu Remanan
Polymer Nanocomposites
Friction Stir Welding
Friction Stir Processing
Dr. Ajith K Mani
Nonlinear Dynamics
Fractional Order Systems
Structural Dynamics
Dr Amith Aravind
Green Lubricants
Cutting Fluids
Dr Tijo D
Surface Engineering: Development of hard and wear resistant ceramic composite coating
Non-conventional machining: Study of machining characteristics with electro discharge machining
Powder Metallurgy: Development and characterization of metal matrix composites
Dr. Sreejith C C
Fluidized Bed Combustion
Energy Systems Engineering
CFD Analysis of Thermal Systems


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