Recent Research- Origin of colossal dielectric behaviour in hydrothermally prepared non-stoichiometric alpha-MnO2 nanorods

A thorough investigation into the inter-link between the structural and dielectric properties of α-MnO2  nanorods has disclosed that the novel exotic properties are a result of the non- stoichiometry-triggered interplay between space charges and dipoles within the interior of the nanorods. 


Major Areas of research

  • Transition Metal Oxide Semiconductor Nanomaterials
  • Nanomagnetic Materials
  • Type II Superconductors

Research topics by Faculty member

Dr. Suresh Babu M
Nanomagnetic materials for catalyst activity
Vortices in Type II Superconductors
Dr. Reenu Elizabeth John
Transition metal oxide semiconductor nanomaterials
Dielectric and magnetic characterization of nanomaterials


Dr M D Mathew

Dean PG & Research

Saintgits College of Engineering

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