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Recent Research- A Benchmark Experiment for the Measurement of Eddy Current on Metallic Surfaces during High Power Applications

Experimental Setup for measurement of eddy current and the torrus

The presence of eddy current is a major cause for heating and electromagnetic forces in mechanical structures used in high voltage and high current experiments, which may lead to collapse of mechanical structures. This research was aimed at the development of a benchmark experimental setup for measurement of eddy current developed on a metallic surface during a high current discharge. The experimental setup consists of a coil inserted through a torus shaped steel tube and a high current discharge is given through the coil by using a thyristor control circuit. The estimation of eddy current which is generated due to the high current discharge by measurements using a Rogowski coil wound across the torus structure is done and the proposed method is validated by simulation of the experimental setup in ANSYS software. The proposed non-destructive experimental method can be applied in varying atmospheric conditions and has potential applications in the field of electrical engineering.

Major Areas of research

  • Renewable Energy Systems
  • Electric Vehicle
  • Power Systems
  • High Voltage Engineering
  • Power Electronics Systems

Research topics by Faculty member

Dr N Mahendran

Power Converters and Solar PV systems

Jisha James

Power Electronics

Fossy Mary Chacko

Power Quality

Distributed Generation and Power Electronics applications to power systems

Ancy Sara Varghese

Condition Monitoring of Power Equipment

Aparna Thampi

Multilevel Converters, Renewable Energy Systems

Abraham George

Embedded Systems, Machine Learning

Vinu Koshy Abraham

MEMS, Embedded Systems, Robotics

Polly Thomas

Electric Vehicles, Renewable Energy, Power Systems

Arun Sebastian

High Voltage Engineering, Smart Grid

Jineeth Joseph

High Voltage Engineering, FEM based Analysis of Power Equipment, Electromagnetic Wave propagation Studies in Power Equipment, Electromagnetic Interference and Compatibility, Power System Monitoring and Control

Elizabeth Rajan

Power Electronic Converters, Electric Vehicle

Amalu Philip

Power System Protection, Microgrid

Merin Antony

Renewable Energy Resources, Electric vehicle


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