Policy for Teachers’ training on “Universal Human Values”

As per the National Education Policy 2020 of the Govt. of India, “Education is
fundamental for achieving full human potential, developing an equitable and just society,
and promoting national development”. As far as India is concerned, holistic value-based
education is essential to prepare our youth and develop our nation. The All-India Council
for Technical Education (AICTE) has taken steps to impart “Universal Human Values”
(UHV) education among teachers and students. Saintgits College of Engineering
(Autonomous) has made our UHV Training policy in line with the initiative of the AICTE.
Academic leadership including Deans, IQAC Coordinator, Heads and Academic
Coordinators of various departments, shall be encouraged to attend the free
online FDPs offered from time to time by the AICTE for the effective implementation of
the program in all departments. Suitable faculty members shall be identified from every
department / branch / discipline to be prepared as UHV Faculty to teach UHV-I (part of
Student Induction Program) and UHV-II.
There shall be minimum one trained faculty in each advisory group to mentor students
and to teach UHV. The college shall encourage the participation in this FDP and related
programs such that at least 20% of staff in every departments are trained faculty
mentors for the Student Induction Program. The college shall initiate efforts to train at
least one non-teaching staff also from each department.
Faculty shall be given duty leave to attend the FDP full-time and to complete the
associated daily assignments.
Only AICTE certified faculty members shall teach the UHV courses as mentioned in the
2020-21 Approval Process Handbook.