Mankind is always taken aback by the wonders and mysteries of space. His curiosity has no limits when his outreach is limited. Recognising the inquisitiveness of students, “The Astronomy Club” of Saintgits College of Engineering is initiated by the Department of Physics on 7th March 2022.The prime goal of the club is to  impart knowledge on the topic of astronomy to the student community. The club is constituted by highly enthusiastic undergraduate Btech students who are interested to explore the field of astronomy.

Vision  and  Motto:

“To Infinity, and Beyond!!!”

           The major focus of the club is to foster scientific temper among the students about the field of astronomy and astrophysics. The club actively works with the students to bring about  seminars, technical sessions, exhibitions  and workshops that promote their curiosity towards astrophysics and space phenomena.
Objectives Of The Club

1. To nurture a scientific passion towards the development of astronomy and related technology.

2. To assist the students to participate in various science outreach programmes.

3. To arrange sky watching sessions for students and the public at chosen sites using various telescopes.

4. To organise technical visit to renowned institutes so as to explore the advancements in the field of astronomy and allied fields.

5. To conduct lectures, demonstrations and webinars by eminent scientists around the globe.

6. To motivate the students to take part in projects, competitions and summer camps organised by institution in the field of astronomy and astrophysics.

7. To organise intercollegiate competitions in the field of astronomy and astrophysics.

8. To provide hands-on training about the operation of astronomical instruments.

9. To provide assistance to students to write proposals and field related articles and their publication.

Student Coordinators:
Convener : Abhijit S Nair
Convener: Sharon Shaji
Co-Convener: Alina Mary Sam
Co-Convener: Meenakshi
Program Coordinator: Edsa Andrews
Staff Coordinator : Dr. Reenu Elizabeth John
Programs Conducted:

Inauguration of the Astronomy Club:

        The inaugural ceremony of the Astronomy Club was on  7th March 2022. Dr. Josephkunju Paul C, Principal , Saintgits College of Engineering inaugurated the event.  The session was grazed by Prof. Koshy Varghese, Vice Principal, Saintgits College of Engineering, Dr Suresh Babu M, HOD, Department of Physics as well as senior faculties of the Department of Physics, Prof. Sunnykutty K John and Prof M.G Isaac.

Club Activities

  • Sky-Gazing:

    As a part of the inauguration ceremony the club organized a Sky-watching session on 7th March 2022. The event was open to all students. Experts from “Breakthrough Science Society Kottayam Chapter” were invited to take a seminar on Astronomy and observable space phenomena. This was followed by the sky watching session.  
  • Logo designing Competition:

          The club conducted a logo designing competition and the best entry was submitted by Aaron Thomas Blessen, (B.Tech CSE 21-25)

Regular meetings :
       Regular meetings are held to discuss new events and brief students on upcoming programs and new ventures.