Research Publications – Computer Science and Engineering

Dr. Jeyakrishnan V.

  • Enhanced development of communication between the network and the end user by eliminating the interference signals in MIMO channel, V Jeyakrishnan, B Amutha , A Christy ,  M Karthikeyan, Transactions on Emerging Telecommunications Technologies, 31(2020) 1-13.
  • Automated query classification based web service similarity technique using machine learning, B. Saravana Balaji,· V. Jeyakrishnan, S. Balakrishnan· K. Venkatachalam, Journal of Ambient Intelligence and Humanized Computing, 1(2020) 1-12.
  • Finding missing child in shopping mall using deep learning, Jeyakrishnan V, Senthil kumar, Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing, 2020, 1

Er. Remya S.

  • Classification of Rubberized Coir Fibres using Deep Learning based Neural Fuzzy Decision Tree Approach, Remya S, Sasikala R, Journal of Soft Computing, 23(2019) 8471–8485.
  • Performance Evaluation of Optimized and Adaptive Neuro Fuzzy Inference System for Predictive Modeling in Agriculture, Remya S, Sasikala R, Journal of Computers and Electrical Engineering, 86(2020) 1-14.
  • Investigation and Analysis on Crowdsourcing for Improving Enterprise QoS, Remya S, Sasikala R, Int. J. of Information Technology and Management (IJITM) Inder science, 2020, 1

Er. Nisha Joseph

  • Patient Specific Brain Tumor Segmentation using Context Sensitive Feature Extraction in MR Images, Nisha Joseph, D Murugan, Basil John Thmas, Ramya A, International Journal of Computing and Digital Systems, 9(2020) 1091-1097.
  • Adaptive Multi-Threshold Based De-noising Filter for Medical Image Applications, A. Ramya, D. Murugan, G. Murugeswari, Nisha Joseph, International Journal of Computational Vision and Robotics, 9(2019) 272-292.
  • Segmentation and Calculation of Volume of Tumor on MRI using Efficient Feature Extraction  Techniques, Nisha Joseph, D Murugan, Basil John Thmas, Ramya A, International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 12(2020) 800-807.

Dr. Jubilant J Kizhakkethottam

  • Online placement and scheduling algorithm for reconfigurable cells in self-repairable field-programmable gate array systems, C Pradeep, ME Eapen, PP Joby, JJ Kizhakkethottam, Computers & Electrical Engineering, 67(2018) 836-850.
  • A Smart System for Detection, Restoration, Optimization and Preservation of Fresh Water, AS Sekhar, VP Bassam, AP Asokan, JA Cherian, JJ Kizhakkethottam, International Conference on Computer Networks and Inventive Communication, 2019, 779-786.
  • A Comparative Review on Different Social Network Analytical Tools, Jacob P Cherian, Jubilant J Kizhakkethottam, Aneena Ann Alexander, Conference on Information and Communication Technologies of Ecuador, 2020, 192-206.

Er. Sijo Cherian

  • INFOPLANT: Plant Recognition using Convolutional Neural Networks, Baizel Kurian Varghese, Albin Augustine, Jubil Maria Babu, Deepa Sunny, Sijo Cherian, Fourth International Conference on Computing Methodologies and Communication (ICCMC), 2020, 800-807.