Research Publications – Electrical and Electronics Engineering

Dr. Mahendran N

  • Genetic algorithm based adaptive offloading for improving IoT device communication efficiency, Azham Hussain, Manikanthan S. V, Padmapriya T and Mahendran N, Wireless Networks, 26(2019) 2329-2338.
  • Modeling of Neuro Fuzzy Controller for Negative output KY Boost Converter Output Voltage Ripple reduction, S. Karthikumar and Mahendran N, Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 19(2013) 47-50.
  • Neuro Fuzzy Controller for Positive Output KY Boost Converter to Reduce Output Voltage Ripple, S. Karthikumar and Mahendran N, Elektronika Ir Elektrotechnika, 19(2013) 19-24.

Er. Fossy Mary Chacko

  • Integrated fuzzy based modular cell balancing mono circuitry for electric vehicle applications, G. A. George, Fossy Mary Chacko, A. Prince, and M. V. Jayan, Electrical Engineering, 38(2020).
  • Improved multifunctional controller for power quality enhancement in grid integrated solar photovoltaic systems, Fossy Mary Chacko, G. A. George, M. V. Jayan, and A. Prince, World Journal of Engineering, 17(2020) 585-598.
  • Load harmonics extraction based decoupled control of grid connected solar photovoltaic system, Fossy Mary Chacko, M. V. Jayan, and A. Prince, IOP Conf. Ser.: Materials Science and Engineering, 396(2018) 1-8.

Er. Abraham George

  • A survey on automatic musical chord sequence generation, Abraham George, X. Anitha Mary, Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering, Springer, 690(2021) 009-020.
  • Gate All Around Nanowire TFET with High ON/OFF Current Ratio, Ajith Ravindran, Abraham George, Praveen C S, Nisha Kuruvilla, Materials Today: Proceedings, 4(2017) 10637–10642.

Er. Polly Thomas

  • Development of a self-coordinated algorithm for demand side management in the case of aggregated electric vehicle in a Grid integrated system, Polly Thomas and Prabhakar Karthikeyan, International Journal of Engineering and Technology (IJAE), 17(2018) 182-189.
  • Identification of bad data from phasor measurement units using evolutionary algorithms, Polly Thomas, Emil Ninan Skariah, Sheena Thomas, S. J Thomson, S. P. Karthikeyan, Advances in intelligent and Computing Book series Part-1, 817(2018) 93-105.

Er. Jineeth Joseph

  • Development of severity and location indices based condition monitoring scheme for underground cables by impedance spectroscopy, Jineeth Joseph and Sindhu T. K, IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, (2020) 1-11.
  • Modelling and experimental validation of electromagnetic wave propagation due to PDs in XLPE cables, Jineeth Joseph, Anagha E R and Sindhu T. K., IET Science Measurement and Technology, 13(2019) 692-699.
  • Numerical modelling simulation and experimental validation of partial discharges in cross linked poly ethylene cables, Jineeth Joseph, Shilpa Mohan and Sindhu T. K., IET Science Measurement and Technology, 13(2019) 309-317.

Er. Merin Antony

  • Vector control of PMSM motor using space vector modulation, Merin Antony, Adhavan, International Journal of Scientific research (IOSR), 4(2018) 67-75.