Robotics and Automation

Recent Research- Autonomous Robot

Robotics has developed from a theme of fictional novels and movies to fast-growing technology during the last few decades. This is fueled by the development of soft computing techniques and processor technologies. Autonomous Robots are becoming a popular research area in the engineering field. Our mission is to contribute to the development of Autonomous Robots especially wheeled ones. The research in this field has great potential to transform our nation into a superpower by developing advanced autonomous vehicles and planetary rovers. Our research problem addresses the challenges in developing fully autonomous robots that can navigate in multiple domains. The research areas include Deep Learning Techniques, Advanced control techniques, sensor fusion, system identification, etc. The research team uses hardware supports of NI MyRIO, Nvidia Jetson Nano with widely used sensors like LiDAR, and visual systems with software packages such as LabVIEW, ROS, Matlab, etc. We have developed robots for socially relevant applications such as hospital ward robots to fight COVID19, manhole cleaning robots and these projects have received financial support from different universities.

Major Areas of research

  • Autonomous Robots
  • MEMS, Robotics, AI
  • Computer Vision, Intensified Systems and Control, Aerospace systems
  • IoT, Image Processing, Big Data and Machine Learning in Process Industry
  • Developmental trends in Gravitational Water Vortex Technology
  • Control Systems
  • Fabrication of Heating coil in Lab On a Chip
  • Regulatory Control Structures for Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit

Research topics by Faculty member

Vinayakumar B

Design and Development of Modern Control Strategies for a Gravitational Water Vortex,  Power Plant by the Optimization of Geometrical and Electrical Parameters

Dr. Rahul Antony

Design and Development of MEMS Devices; Numerical and Experimental Evaluation Studies.

Anish Thomas

Modeling, Simulation and Control of a Fluidized Catalytic Cracking Unit

Harinarayanan Nampoothiri G

Development of Advanced Control strategies for Multi-Terrain Navigation in Autonomous Robots Using Intelligent Learning Methods.


Dr M D Mathew

Dean PG & Research

Saintgits College of Engineering

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