The Electrical Engineer

“The Electrical Engineer” is an Android app which is intended to enhance the technical knowledge of students of our department. This app intends to enhance knowledge of students which they won’t get from class room learning. 


At present, there are five options in the app – Abbreviations, Dictionary, Technology, Professional Society and MOOC Courses. The app is designed to add or delete the options available even after deployment of the app. So in future, students will find more options to explore.


For each option show above, students will find items which will be beneficial for them during the GATE and other competitive examinations. The items in the list can be defined as a hyperlink, by clicking the item the user can explore more about the article or word. 


To make sure about the usage of the app, the department may conduct competitions on a regular basis (once in a month) and give prizes to the winners. At the end of the academic year, a student who scores maximum points during an academic year can be identified as “Technocrat of the Department” to sustain interest of students.

Currently the app is not available in Google Playstore as the app is intended for a closed user group, but link is available to download the app.


“Cognetiser” is an Android app which is intended to improve General knowledge of the public; especially students who are reluctant to watch news channels or read newspapers. This app is also beneficial for job seekers as the topics include Current Affairs both national and international. Apart from this, the app also contains iconic personalities – both national and international, least used words in English etc. 


As the app is in testing phase, so currently it is not available in Google Playstore. The link to download the app for beta testers is

Circuits Analytica

Circuits Analytica – YouTube

The YouTube channel intends to provide technical knowledge inside as well as outside the syllabus. It consists of technical topics related to Electrical and Electronics domain such as design of an amplifier, design of various sequential and combinational circuits, VHDL, circuit design examples, quizzes etc.