Principal’s Message

Welcome, future leaders and innovators.

As we stand at the threshold of a technologically advanced and globally interconnected era, I extend a warm invitation to join us in a journey that promises transformative learning, boundless growth, and impactful innovation.

Since our inception in 2002, Saintgits College of Engineering has been a beacon of educational progress. Today, we proudly rank among Kerala’s top five private engineering institutions, driven by a vision that embodies innovation, research, and holistic development.

Our vision is clear and forward-looking: to evolve into a globally competent and dynamic institution that nurtures educational excellence, advances research and innovation, and actively contributes to a sustainable and progressive society. Rooted in a value system of trust and empowerment, our mission is to shape individuals into adept professionals, ready to spark positive change armed with knowledge, confidence, and strong ethics.

At Saintgits, our educational approach goes beyond boundaries, merging academic knowledge with hands-on experience and research-driven learning. We firmly believe that learning should empower you to thrive in a world marked by constant change. Our commitment to Outcome Based Education (OBE) ensures that you develop the skills and mindset necessary to overcome challenges and drive innovation.

Our esteemed faculty, known for their expertise and dedication, serve as mentors guiding your intellectual exploration. They foster an environment that embraces diverse perspectives and nurtures curiosity, preparing you for the global stage.

Saintgits College of Engineering thrives as a hub of exploration and innovation, bolstered by strategic industry alliances. These partnerships guarantee that you gain real-world insights and readiness from the very beginning of your journey.

As you step into our institution, you’re not just entering a classroom; you’re entering a realm of endless possibilities. Our dedication to boundary-breaking education, holistic growth, and unshakeable belief in your capacity to shape a better future form the guiding stars of your journey.

Let’s together unravel the potential of tomorrow, redefining the limits of what can be achieved. Join us in transforming aspirations into reality, unlocking horizons yet unexplored.

With unwavering determination,

Prof. (Dr.) Sudha T

Principal, Saintgits College of Engineering (Autonomous)