Research Scholars

List of Research Scholars from Saintgits College of Engineering

Sr. No.Ph.D. ScholarDepartmentDate of EnrollmentResearch SupervisorResearch Project Title
1Vinayakumar BAEI01-12-2016Dr. Rahul AntonyDesign and Development of Modern Control Strategies for a Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plant by the Optimization of Geometrical and Electrical Parameters
2Harinarayananan Nampoothiri M GAEI11-12-2017Dr. Rahul AntonyDevelopment of  Advanced Control Strategies for Multi-Terrain Navigation in Autonomous Robots Using Intelligent Learning Methods
3Nekha JoseCE07-12-2018Dr. Reebu Z KoshyImplications of Mitigation of Flood in Kollam Urban Area
4Jithin Kurian AndrewsCE07-12-2018Dr. Reebu Z KoshyEvaluation of Emulsified Aggregate Base Layers in Low Volume Roads
5Elsa Jacob JosephCE07-12-2018
Dr. Jayasree P.K.Strength and Compressibility Characteristics of Clayey Soils Treated With Nano Silica
6Pinky Merin PhilipCE07-12-2018Dr. Anitha JosephStudy on Fibre Reinforced Concrete Piles for Transmission Line Towers
7Hanna PaulCE07-12-2018Dr. N. UnnikrishnanEffect of Interference of Embankments
8Manoj C MCE07-12-2018Dr.Elson JohnA Study on Thermo-Physical Properties of Aerated Concrete Block From Industrial Waste Materials  
9Sneha M VargheseCE01-12-2016Dr. Sajeeb RStructural Health Monitoring using Smart Materials
10Milu Mary JacobCE11-12-2017Dr. Praveen AGeometrical Modifications to Control Shear Slip in Composite Slabs
11Remya Revi KCSE01-12-2016Dr. Rahul AntonyMachine Learning Techniques to Detect Tampered Images and AI-generated Fake Images
12Veena A KumarCSE11-12-2017Dr. Rahul AntonySketch Based Image Retrieval Using Machine Learning Techniques
13Vidya KRCSE17-12-2018Dr. Shajimon K JohnDigital Image Forensics Using Deep Learning Technics
14Jacob P CherianCSE17-12-2018Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamNovel epidemic model with effective contact tracing
15Tibin ThomasCSE24-07-2020Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamIntegration of  Blockchain with Resource Limited Systems
16Hari MCSE24-07-2020Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamBlockchain in Digital Forensic Investigation
17Gokulnath GCSE23-07-2020Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamBlockchain – An Intelligent Perspective: Applying  Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence to Quality Control in Agriculture
18Liz GeorgeCSE06-08-2020Dr. Jubilant K KizhkkethottamImplementation of Privacy preservation and Interoperability between Blockchain Applications 
19Ashwin PVECE01-07-2018Dr.Ansal K AMachine learning
20Anish M GeorgeECE01-08-2020Dr. Shajimon K JohnHardware Accelerators using FPGAs
21Hanna MathewECE01-08-2020Dr. Shajimon K JohnVLSI Signal Processing
22Anisha MohammedECE01-08-2020Dr. Shajimon K JohnIntelligent Transportation systemsS
23Vinu Koshy AbrahamEEE18-12-2018Dr. Rahul AntonyDesign and Development of a temperature-controlled micro chamber for Lab-on-Chip Applications using MEMS
24Aparna ThampiEEE18-12-2018Dr. Nagalingam MahendranA Novel Control Method for Packed U-Cell Multilevel Converters for Grid Applications
25Amalu PhilipEEE18-12-2018Dr. Shereef R MProtection of DC Microgrid
26Sherin JosephEEE18-12-2018Dr. Shajimon K JohnDesign and Development of A High Frequency Transformer (HFT) with Minimum Total Owning Cost (TOC) for Medium Voltage Solid State Transformer (SST) Application
27Roy SamuelManagement04-08-2020Dr. Jose Joy ThoppanFinancial inclusion through microfinance A study with a focus on NBFC MFIs of Kerala
28Jobin JoyME10-08-2020Dr. Angamuthu KandasamyTool path optimization in Green manufacturing: Analysing the modelling and experimental synergy in drilling  


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