Funded Projects – Faculty Members

SL. NoTitleDepartmentPICo-PIFunding AgencyApproved Amount
1Experimental investigations into microdrilling of metal matrix compositesMEGeorge John CERD/KTU105,000
2Enhancement of tribological, rheological and thermal properties of rubber seed oil for engine oil applicationsMEAmith Aravind CERD/KTU105,000
3Full bridge three port converter topology for renewable energy sourceEEEJisha James CERD/KTU95,000
4BESS based DFIG for real and reactive power control of gridEEEJaison Cherian CERD/KTU120,000
5A benchmark experiment for eddy current measurement metallic surfaces during high power applicationsEEEArun SebastianPolly ThomasCERD/KTU120,000
6Design and prototype development of a system for detection of feeder fault and service wire backflow protectionEEEPolly Thomas KSCSTE/TDAP640,000
7Structural response of composite metal deck and concrete filled slabs at floor diaphragms and shear walls: An experimental studyCEMilu Mary Jacob CERD/KTU200,000
8Synthesis of metal dichalcogenide nanoparticles and evaluation of their tribological and application in four-stroke petrol engine as an additive in coconut oil-based nano-lubricants for the development of a sustainable and eco-friendly bio-lubricantMEChacko Preno KoshyM D MathewCERD/KTU146,000
9Design, development, characterization of CPW Fed Miniaturised antennas and filters for UWB applicationECE Ansal KA CERD/KTU110,000
10Hand held device for the detection of artificially ripened mango fruitECE Anoopa RavindranAjith Ravindran , Shajimon KKSCSTE329,000
11Experimental investigation on nanophotocatalytic degradation of ammonia expulsing from latex industry effluentCHEMGirinandagopal M S CERD/KTU131,150
12Design and development of Motorized wheelchair for orthopedically disabled and elderlyMEBobby P. Paul KSCSTE/TDAP320,000
13Isolation and characterization of plastic degrading bacteria from landfills and plastic contaminated soilFTLakshmi MohanJyothi K NairCERD/KTU115,000
14Distress identification and estimation in flexible pavements using image processingCEJithin Kurian AndrewsReebu Z KoshyCERD/KTU72,000
15Mud and manhole cleaning robot with optimized control parametersAEIHarinarayanan Nampoothiri M.G (PI)Godwin Anand PSCERD/KTU140,000
16Power generation using controlled Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plants(GWVPP) in rural water bodies of Kerala.AEIVinaykumar BGodwin Anand PSCERD/KTU140,000
17Design & Development of Solar photo voltaic System with Reduced Current Ripple KY Boost converterEEEN. MahendranPinkymol KPCERD/KTU172,500
18Experimental and modelling studies of the indoor thermal attributes gained by sustainable green drapesMEJacob T VargheseSajan ThomasCERD/KTU127,500
19Design and development of a Temperature Controlled Micro Chamber with precise monitoring and control for Lab –on chip applications using MEMSAEIRahul AntonyVinu Koshy AbrahamCERD/KTU180,000
20Nightingale: Technology enabled portable assist system for nurses in KeralaCSE Anju PratapNithin Prince JohnCERD/KTU50,000
21Harmonic reduction in Solar Photo Voltaic System using packed U cell Multilevel invertersEEEElizabeth Rajan Aparna ThampiCERD/KTU115,000
22Effect of Interface of Embankments when subjected to loadingCEHanna PaulRakendu RCERD/KTU140,000
23Charecterization and formulation of an environment friendly lubricant from Pongamia (Millettia Pinnata) oil using biodegradable additivesME  Sabarinath SAmith Aravind , MD MathewCERD/KTU133,000
24Experimental Investigations on Nano-based Natural Fibre Composites for Commercial Applications: Development, Mechanical and Tribological Property EstimationME Rittin Abraham KurienChacko Preno KoshyCERD/KTU178,000
25Development of an online monitoring scheme for partial discharge detection in transformer windingsEEE Jineeth JosephAncy Sara VargheseCERD/KTU120,000
26Design Catalogues for Emulsion Treated Base LayersCECherian C.K.Jithin Kurian AnewsCERD/RSM90,000
27Development of nanoscale manganese dioxide based filter system for the removal of iron contamination from waterChemical EnggLisha KP CERD/RSM105,000
28Development of polypropylene based carbon fabric/carbon nanotube composite sheets for automobile applicationsChemical EnggPriwiya PeterManu RemananCERD/RSM140,000
29Development of an advanced image forgery detection system for suppporting cyber forensics in KeralaCSEVidya KRShajimon K JohnCERD/RSM90,000
30Analysis of human exhaled breath volatile organic compounds using electronic nose system for pulmonary diseasesECEBinson VAAnish ThomasCERD/RSM80,000
31Investigation towards the use of Spectroscopic
Techniques and Chemometrics in the Rapid
Identification of Coconut Oil Adulteration
ECEAjith RavindranShajimon K JohnCERD/RSM45,000
32Development of high speed localized protection scheme for DC ring microgridEEEAmalu PhilipMahenan NCERD/RSM160,000
33Hybrid nano composites based on Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS), Aluminium Nitride Nanoparticles and Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes for Automotive and Industrial applications: Mechanical, Thermal, Wera and Microstructural analysesMEManu RemananChacko Preno Koshy,  Bibin varkeyCERD/RSM116,000
34Synthesis and Characterization of Surfactant-Modified Hybrid Catalytic Nanoparticles and its Application as Fuel Additives in Four-Stroke Diesel Engine fueled by Diesel Blended with Biodiesel derived from Coconut Oil for Sustainable and Eco-Friendly FutureMESailesh K S CERD/RSM79,000
35Enhanced microwave absorption of carbon allotrope polymer composite through improved electric and magnetic propertiesPhysicsReenu Elizabeth JohnSuresh Babu MCERD/RSM75,000
36Experimental Studies on the Tribological and
Thermo-physical Properties of Bio-based Nano-
lubricants for Commercial Applications
MEChacko Preno KoshyM D Mathew ,  Jacob T VargheseAICTE RPS1,626,666
37Performance evaluation of emulsion treated base layers in low volume roadsCEJithin Kuraian AndrewsCSRK PrasadSERB/TARE1,830,000
38Application of Deep Learning Techniques for Impairment Mitigation in Next Generation Multiple Access TechnologiesECEBeena AOSameer SM Professor Department of Electronics NIT CalicutSERB/TARE1,830,000
39“Development of an Advanced Image Forgery Detection System for supporting Cyber Forensics in Kerala”CSEVidya K R CERD/RSM90,000
40Development of INSTANT TEA CAPSULEFTAnju KA CERD/RSM130,000
41Activated carbon derived from coconut shell for the treatment of textile effluentsChemical Engg Nivedita S CERD/RSM200,000
42Anthocyanin and Zinc oxide Nanoparticle
Incorporated Intelligent Packaging from Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinth) Polymers.
FTElsa Cherian CERD/RSM134,650
43Developing a metal canister bin for Efficient Bioremediation of plastic degrading microbes isolated from soilFTLakshmi Mohan KSUM/IEDC150,000
44Transesterification of Rubber Seed (Hevea Brasiliensis) Oil to Biodiesel using a Novel Nanocatalyst, Derivation of Blended Diesel and Its Performance Evaluation for Automobile Engines’MEDr Amith AravindElsa Cherian,  M D Mathew , Lakshmi MohanANERT/ Govt. of Kerala445,800
45Synthesis and Development of nano-MoS2 coatings on AL-Si Alloys for Piston-Liner assemblyMEReuben Thomas Chacko Preno KoshyCERD/RSM150,000
46Long Term Effect On The Corrosion Resistance Of High Performance Concrete Using MetakaolinCENivin Philip CERD/RSM198,760
47Development of INSTANT TEA CAPSULEFTAnju KA CERD/RSM130,000
48Anthocyanin and Zinc oxide Nanoparticle
Incorporated Intelligent Packaging from Eichhornia crassipes (Water Hyacinth) Polymers.
FTElsa Cherian CERD/RSM134,650
49Design and Implementation of a Cost-effective Smart Braille PrinterECEBeena AO DST/TDP2,388,660