Funded Projects – Faculty Members

SL.NoTitleDepartmentPICo-PIFunding Agency
Approved Amount
1Structural response of composite metal deck and concrete filled slabs at floor diaphragms and shear walls: An experimental studyCEAsst. Prof. Milu Mary JacobCERD200000
2Distress identification and estimation in flexible pavements using image processingCEAsst. Prof. Jithin Kurian AndrewsDr.Reebu Z KoshyCERD72000
3Effect of Interface of Embankments when subjected to loadingCEAsst. Prof.Hanna PaulAsst. Prof. Rakendu RCERD140000
4Experimental investigation on nanophotocatalytic degradation of ammonia expulsing from latex industry effluentChemical EnggDr. MS GiriCERD131150
5Nightingale: Technology enabled portable assist system for nurses in KeralaCSEDr.  Anju PratapAsst. Prof. Nithin Prince JohnCERD50000
6Design, development, characterization of CPW Fed Miniaturised antennas and filters for UWB applicationECEDr.  Ansal KADr.Riboy CherianCERD110000
7Hand held device for the detection of artificially ripened mango fruitMCAMs. Anoopa RavindranAsst. Prof. Ajith Ravindran, Dr Shajimon KKSCSTE329000
8Mud and manhole cleaning robot with optimized control parametersECEAsst. Prof. Harinarayanan Nampoothiri M.GCERD140000
9Power generation using controlled Gravitational Water Vortex Power Plants(GWVPP) in rural water bodies of Kerala.ECEAsst. Prof.  Vinaykumar B (PI)CERD140000
10Design and development of a Temperature Controlled Micro Chamber with precise monitoring and control for Lab –on chip applications using MEMSECEDr. Rahul Antony(PI)Asst. Prof.  Vinu Koshy AbrahamCERD180000
11Full bridge three port converter topology for renewable energy sourceEEEAsst. Prof. Jisha JamesCERD95000
12BESS based DFIG for real and reactive power control of gridEEEDr. Jaison CherianCERD120000
13A benchmark experiment for eddy current measurement metallic surfaces during high power applicationsEEEAsst. Prof. Arun SebastianAsst. Prof. Polly ThomasCERD120000
14Design and prototype development of a system for detection of feeder fault and service wire backflow protectionEEEAsst. Prof. Polly ThomasKSCSTE640000
15Design & Development of Solar photo voltaic System with Reduced Current Ripple KY Boost converterEEEDr. MahendranDr. Pinkymol KPCERD172500
16Harmonic reduction in Solar Photo Voltaic System using packed U cell Multilevel invertersEEEAsst. Prof. Elizabeth RajanAsst. Prof. Aparna ThampiCERD115000
17Development of an online monitoring scheme for partial discharge detection in transformer windingsEEEAsst. Prof. Jineeth JosephAsst. Prof. Ancy Sara VargheseCERD120000
18Isolation and characterization of plastic degrading bacteria from landfills and plastic contaminated soilFTDr. Lakshmi MohanAsst. Prof. Jyothi K NairCERD115000
19Experimental investigations into microdrilling of metal matrix compositesMEAsst. Prof. George JohnCERD105000
20Enhancement of tribological, rheological and thermal properties of rubber seed oil for engine oil applicationsMEDr.  Amith AravindCERD105000
21Synthesis of metal dichalcogenide nanoparticles and evaluation of their tribological and application in four-stroke petrol engine as an additive in coconut oil-based nano-lubricants for the development of a sustainable and eco-friendly bio-lubricantMEDr. Chacko Preno KoshyDr. M. D. MathewCERD146000
22Design and development of Motorized wheelchair for orthopedically disabled and elderlyMEAsst. Prof. Bobby P. PauKSCSTE320000
23Experimental and modelling studies of the indoor thermal attributes gained by sustainable green drapesMEDr. Jacob T Varghese (PI)Asst. Prof. Sajan Thomas
24Charecterization and formulation of an environment friendly lubricant from Pongamia (Millettia Pinnata) oil using biodegradable additivesMEDr. Sabarinath SDr. Amith Aravind, Dr. M. D. MathewCERD133000
25Experimental Investigations on Nano-based Natural Fibre Composites for Commercial Applications: Development, Mechanical and Tribological Property EstimationMEAsst. Prof. Rittin Abraham KurienDr. Chacko Preno KoshyCERD178000