Research and Projects

Funded Projects

Project TitleFunding AgencyAmountPrincipal Investigator/Guide
Mud and manhole cleaning RobotCERD RSMRs. 1,40,000Er. Harinarayanan Nampoothiri M G
Saintgits Isolation Ward Autonomous RobotCUSAT CATDMRs. 27,000Er. Harinarayanan Nampoothiri M G
Isolation Ward RobotCERD student MoneyRs.16,000Er. Harinarayanan Nampoothiri M G


1. Recent developments in terrain identification, classification, and parameter estimation for the navigation of autonomous robots- M. G. Harinarayanan Nampoothiri, B Vinayakumar, Youhan Sunny & Rahul Antony, SN Applied Sciences, March 2021( Open Access 

2. Real-time terrain identification of autonomous robots using machine learning- M. G. Harinarayanan Nampoothiri, P. S. Godwin Anand & Rahul Antony, International Journal of Intelligent Robotics and Applications, March 2020 (

3. MPC Based Path Planning for Wheeled Mobile Robots in Environments with Varying Slip- Harinarayanan Nampoothiri M G, Rahul Antony, AIR2021: Advances in Robotics – 5th International Conference of The Robotics Society- December 2021